A Little About Me

Making my dreams into a reality.

Hey girly! Thanks for stopping by! I am super excited to meet you!

I am a college student working towards a degree in pharmacy. I decided that going to school full time & trying to hold down a job just wasn’t going to work out well because I couldn’t find a good job that would around my school schedule. That is until I found this! I decided to build my own business & help other girls create their dreams/goals!

So I am a social media influencer for one of the FASTEST GROWING online healthy hair & skin companies! This business has changed my life in so many ways! I hope that I can share how amazing it is with you & help you take control over your life whether that is through your hair or your very own business!

I absolutely LOVE helping girls feel beautiful & more confident about themselves! I created my business to help others because my relationships always come first! It’s about building each other up & being there for one another! 💕

I am here to help you get the BEST hair & skin of your life! I will also help you reach your hair &/or life goals! I’m here for YOU!

Go to the next page to fill out the application or beauty quizzes & I will get back to you! So excited to work with you & help you out! I’m