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About Me

A journey to find your truth

Hey I’m Emma, a hard-working, anxiety prone, beach loving wife and mother of 2 little girls. I started on my own journey of self-discovery, learning and growth over a decade ago and to say it’s been a roller coaster is an understatement.

Through my own experience I have come to fully know and love myself and feel in total in alignment with my purpose.

Through my own experiences I know what it feels like to feel overwhelmed, purposeless, depressed and anxious and because of this I aim to inspire others to see their potential, build self-confidence & take action to create a life in alignment with their own soul.

Everyday we wake up with choices; what to focus on; how to behave; and what action to take.

I am passionate about coaching and mentoring women to liberate themself from their limiting thoughts and patterns and find inner peace and fulfilment in their life and career.

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When I initially met Emma I was in a relationship that was in no way serving me as a person. Emma took the time to get to know me and helped me identify both my strengths and weaknesses as a person. Since receiving personal coaching sessions with Emma I have managed to break away from the relationship I and become much more confident within myself, to the point I am now able to speak comfortably about myself in front of others without fearing judgement, perform public speaking and most of all learn to love myself. Emma is a fantastic teacher who provided me with many insights I hadn't seen by myself. I am so happy I met her and would recommend her services to anyone who wants to be a better version of themselves.


I was feeling defeated by mum life, overwhelmed, anxious and lost. This was not the mum I wanted for my children, I wanted to be strong, calm, confident and the best role model possible. When I came across Emma, I wasn't sure what NLP was to be honest but I knew I felt comfortable with Emma. She is a great listener, compassionate and a mum who just gets it. She was able to help me see why I was feeliing the way I did and recommended tools relevant to my situation. I highly recommend her for anyone struggling through the difficult stages of motherhood.


This beautiful woman has an essence about her that wraps itself around you and makes you feel so comfortable.


For everyone else considering the coaching, I did it with Emma last year and it was THE BEST personal well-being decision of my life.Highly recommend.


Emma is an amazing coach with the tools & techniques to get you the results you are wanting in your life! She is caring, committed & incredibly talented at what she does. Emma has helped me to transform my life & make massive shifts where I needed them most! I highly recommend her!


All my life I lived in the past and held onto so many negative thoughts and beliefs. I had no confidence in myself and very little self-love. I knew something had to change so I did the Breakthrough Program with Emma and all I can say is WOW! I've let go of the past and no longer allow it to affect me, I've accepted myself for who I am and treat myself with kindness and love, my relationships with my partner and friends are already improving, and I feel 1000 times better than I used to - with myself, my life, my business and EVERYTHING!!
Thank you so much Emma for being patient with me and helping me let go of my demons and live my life from a place of love - I'll be forever grateful!! To anyone considering coaching with Emma, all I can say is DO IT!! She is an amazing human with so much to give and she will really help you change your life.


I just did the 3 Day INSPIRED program with Emma, and it was so truly inspiring. Emma is a great coach conveying the messages for life in a simple, natural and passionate way which truly make you think and take a first step to change in whatever you are after. THANK you 🙏 for inspiring me!


In the space of the 3 day Inspired programme I worked out my intentions, values and goals, 72 hours before I had declared that I couldn't do any of these. I'm genuinely gobsmacked as had not believed that the outcomes were possible and the positive impact has been immense almost immediately. Thank you barely covers it.


I just completed a 3 day online program with Emma and found it extremely beneficial! I have have been using some of the tools and self love practices suggested each day and am feeling more positive for it and feel more confident that I will succeed in achieving my dreams and goals.

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