About Me —

Im 19 years old and a full time college student. I am in school for dental hygiene & work full time directly from my phone.

I am currently in the dallas area and was given an opportunity to make money off social media. i put my doubts and fears to the side and said yes to this amazing opportunity to market partner with a luxury anti-aging, vegan skin and hair company.

I grew up knowing money was always an issue & that nothing in life is handed to you. That’s actually why I took this opportunity because i wanted to be able to give myself the life i wasn’t able to have growing up. I had my first job at 15 and quit my last job at 18. I was tired of just going through the motions and living day to day & paycheck to paycheck. I wanted more in life so I decided to take a leap and step out of my comfort zone and I started my own business!

“Real growth starts when your tired of your own shit”

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your one decision away from a totally different life, let me help you get there!

I give people the opportunity to make money while they sit and scroll through instagram. All I do is share my favorite hair and skin care products with my followers. I work full time from my phone and you can do the same!

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