hi friends ⌓ my name’s emma marie o’neal. i moved into my first home with my handsome man, benjamin albright, at the end of last year, December 2020.

2020 was full of uncertainty, for everyone. for Ben and I, life was weeeeird as we transitioned from our first apartment, to my parents’ home, and then to his parents’ home. and now finally we’re home.

big decisions had to be made last year. some hard ones, including quitting my comfortable waitressing job to commit to a full time network marketing opportunity i’d been skeptical about for years, but always interested in, Young Living.

imposter syndrome set in deeply as I reflected on all the years I’d shamed direct sales and wholeheartedly believed those involved were, for lack of a better word, kinda scammy.

but here’s my truth.
I often think back to how many times I said “no” to the opportunity, full of doubt and scared of judgement — my advice, say yes. do it. go for it. whatever it is running in the back of your mind. whatever it is you don’t believe is tangible, shift that idea in your mind to something attainable and I promise one day you’ll have it in your hands. for me (the most unlikely candidate to evvvver do something like this), it was Young Living and it could so easily be for you, too.

I have not grown in this business because of tons of friends or a big family. in fact, I have never been the girl with tons of friends. you don’t have to have a huge support system to be successful.

these wellness tools will undoubtedly transform your life. not a believer? try it out. swipe to read about my journey with essential oils + how it has totally shaped mine and my partner’s life. how we both started out skeptical (he took a lil’ longer 😝), and about how we use these babies every single day now. these products serve a tremendous purpose. it doesn’t stop at diffusing. it doesn’t stop at aromatherapy. it doesn’t stop at cleaning. not even at meditating + healing. essential oils are entirely multifaceted + possess numerous benefits that range from physical, mental + emotional, spiritual, ultimately a l l things. my goal is to resonate with you in some way so that you can allow yourself to open your mind to natural support and a business opportunity that will align with you.

why do I oil? —

It’s not just about essential oils, it’s about Young Living’s promise — their seed to seal guarantee. A brand I can trust is the brand I want to build my life around. A brand that ensures 100% plant-based, therapeutic grade, vegan, toxin free, NO NEED TO EVER CONTACT POISON CONTROL, concentrated oil. Oils + products that I can substitute every. single. item. that has chemicals out of my house with, except for grocery items. Not only is that tons of monthly savings, but bonus, I redeem the points I earn from getting those products I substitute, for more free products. I promote + educate other women and men of the like on their low tox journey and I have a damn good time doing it — doesn’t feel like a job, but pays like one.

Over the course of the last 7 years, I have strived to take into account the chemicals inside of the products I use daily + frequently. Prior to this epiphany, I never understood why it would matter — it’s cheaper and it claims to consist of “natural properties” as well, what’s the difference? That’s what I thought.

Until you dig a little deeper, and understand how these chemicals affect you + your body. Until you learn about “green washing” — eg. if a product claims to be organic, but still shows the ingredient “Fragrance” on the label, I can ASSURE you that you are being lied to, this is an example of green washing that affects so many men + women. Fragrances interrupt your hormones + mood, and in turn your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being. You can stay away from those products with Young Living, and breathe easier knowing you’re living in a safe, chemical free environment // atmosphere.

I chose Young Living because I choose God, myself + my family first — to educate myself on the medicinal properties of essential oils that have been used since the beginning of time. To connect to a higher power + build on my faith. To trust in the universe + know that this is my path. To expand my knowledge + explore my mind. To connect with others + offer support in not only the best way I know to be available, but a way that can truly benefit you in every way.

This is Young Living’s promise to me, and my promise, from years of experience, to you. Support is available, it’s just within reach, and you deserve to grab it finally.