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I’m Emma, author of The F Word, and I’m super passionate about sharing stories, recipes and tips to empower and assist you in your health journey.

Reverse diabetes
Lose belly fat
Better energy
Less Brain Fog
Better mood
Kill cravings
Deep sleep.
Menopause symptoms

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I am an advocate of keto and low carb because I struggled my whole life with weight - on and off diets till I finally found the forever key that was lazy keto.

And it was life changing. Free from that crazy diet cycle. Finally. And I can help you too.

This experience sent me off to research (I love to know what I’m teaching and putting into practice) and I recently completed a Diploma of Nutrition and a 12 month Keto Coaching course. Most of my coaching customers lose cm’s quickly and safely and see transformational results.

In my keto tips book ‘The F Word’, Confessions of a Cheesecake lover, I share all my knowledge and research on how I achieved a loss of 5 jeans sizes and reclaimed my health and my mojo and (most importantly) kept it off!!

So many lives have been impacted using this knowledge and many of those around me found amazing success with simple, easy to follow, small changes towards #nomoredietsever. What's not to love!?

Come on this journey with me. I dare you.

I’m excited for you because you can transform your life.


Ps swipe for workshops, cooking classes, my book, tips, recipes and biohacks! ➡️

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Being sabotaged?

Got cravings? Here’s what you can do about it!

Emma’s Keto Kitchen and Recipes —

Keto is all about satisfying food and activating satiety, while burning your fat as an energy source

Keto and Low Carb Recipe blog

Keto & Low Carb Podcast —

It’s not you’re fault you’re struggling…

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Emma’s best selling keto book

Small changes for extraordinary results using keto and low carb

With over 50 simple recipes and loads of keto and low carb tips and cheat sheets, The F Word is an inspiring, easy-to-follow, step by step guide loaded that will help you make small changes sustainably, to improve your weight, health, sleep, mood and regain your shazam. With masses of practical ideas and suggestions you can have seemingly unbelievable results.

You're not alone. The world is heading down a path of an obesity epidemic. It's not too late to make some simple changes, that will impact the way you and your brain age. This book can help you understand why it's not your fault that you have fallen off every diet ever, and why the fat always comes back with friends!! It also explains why the failure rate of diets is so high.

We have been told for years to follow a fundamentally flawed policy of "calories in = calories out", "eat less and move more" and we've been made to feel unworthy and like we are failures, because we can't find the balance. Tell me I'm not alone?

In this book you'll learn the research around why this won't kill you, and steps to take so you never fall off "diets" ever again understand and why they aren't working for you (or anyone in the human race for that matter).

This practical guide is full of invaluable tips and tricks to help you with #nomoredietsever and keto life.

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Hard cover and ebook available

Keto courses

Fallen off every diet wagon?

I know I had.

I bet you're sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?
These courses help you lose the squishy and get your bounce back.
For less than the cost of a decent pizza a week you can learn how to never follow another diet. Ever.

These easy courses include all my best handouts and video tutorials, live training plus loads of keto recipes. The bread recipes alone are amazing!!

You’ll get a full version ecopy of my book too, with heaps of recipes and tips.

Learn how to hack your metabolism and burn the fat your body is holding on to.

I lost over 4 jeans sizes using a non strict version of keto and have maintained it ever since - without surgery or crazy exercise, just small sustainable changes.

Are you experiencing any of these?

🍩Feeling like you're a failure at losing weight?
🤷🏻‍♀️Have you started a 'diet' just to fall off a day or a week later?
🤦🏻Fallen off a 'diet' just to put it all back on and more?

I've got you.
I was there.
I’ve walked in your shoes.

INSTANT access to my best resources to help you with this and so much more...

I'd tried everything! As I teach you what took me years to learn you'll save time and money as I guide you through how to start keto and activate ketosis - fat burn mode ON.

I'm going to teach you how to flip the switch to burn your own body fat as an energy source.

You'll get access to:

Green and red keto food lists
21 day keto food guide
Keto bread recipe book

Cooking class recipes and handouts
Benchmark accountability checklist and goal setter
My mini video cooking tutorials
Presented Training videos plus live training
Pantry clean up list
Simple keto meats cheat sheet
Recipe handouts .
Lifetime access to my facebook coaching group

Check out the link for more details - you ARE worth it.

Keto Cooking Classes

Confused by keto? Learn how to make simple and delicious food in a jiffy to support your keto and low carb lifestyle

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Learn with me on Tiktok

Sharing a bazillion tips and keto recipes for you - ive been there and love to share all my top secrets to help you!

YouTube Free Keto 101 Basics Learn Series

Loads of tips and recipes just for you.

I’ve got you!
Learn how to keto with me.
I’m here to help you!
What if it changes your life?

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Keto & Low Carb Meet up Gold Coast

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Struggling on keto?

Use this free Ketonalysis tool to see if you’re making to right choices for your body.

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Small changes

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Food should be clean

Here’s a collection of low carb and keto friendly oils, salts, spice mixes and seasonings just for you and your keto journey

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