Hi I'm Emma

I am a Colorado girl giving purpose to this world through self-love and being my genuine self✌🏻

It took me a LONG time to figure out my self-worth, and I'm still on that journey. I'm just here to tell you this: You could seem like the absolute happiest person in the world, but you won't truly be happy until you love E V E R Y part of who you are. Body, mind, & spirit.

I see you reading that^. I know doubts are a part of your life, but I believe whole-heartedly that God doesn't make mistakes. You are the way you are on purpose, so start sharing it with the world! I gotchu girl, and I'm still learning. Join me on this journey, jump out of that comfort zone, and BE WHO YOU ARE MEANT TO BE.

And this wouldn't be an "about" page without me sharing what makes me ME.

I hate wearing bras.
I LOVE puppies and WILL scream out loud if I see one while driving with you.
I get distracted v easily.
I move my foot up and down when I'm excited.
My bottom teeth are misaligned cuz I didn't wear my retainer after braces (sorry dad).
I have stretch marks on my knees.
I will wear the same hoodie for a whole week because I'm lazy and like to feel warm.
If the temperature changes +/- 3° between rooms, I will start to shiver.
I own two businesses.
I have a million siblings.
I got married in August!

I am me.

I am showing up in this world the only way I know how: unapologetically and with love towards the things about me that I have been scared to share. Be careful, spend enough time with me and you'll learn to jump out of your comfort zone too ♡

The Beauty Side

Let's get your S.H.I.T. together

I heard you need a little more information about the beauty side of what I do!
In other words,

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