About Emma

Hi, my name is Emma Ericsson and have my whole life worked with my body in different kind of ways. Growing up I was always dancing and cartwheeling my ”way through life”. So my parents put me in team gymnastics when I was 6 years old, which stole my heart from the beginning. I continued on with this passion for a long time, and I just loved everything about it. It is actually a very creative sport, where you can always evolve and learn new things. And the beautiful community and family feeling a team creates is just amazing.

Later on I started study at the Ballet Academy in Gothenburg, and since then I’ve had a sort of love/hate relationship with dance. A dancers world can be a tough world, which brought some scares with it. But it also brought me to yoga, that felt like a mix of gymnastics and dance. Yoga took me from the external to the internal and invited me back into my body.

Through the years I’ve realized that there is nothing that can heal your body and being, better than your own body. So finding ways that can aid in this inner awareness and wisdom, and soft strength have really become a huge passion of mine. I’ve studied under many inspirational and experienced teachers that have giving me the change to explore different methods and techniques to help you with exactly that. Other than yoga and meditation, I’ve explored and studied Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises and Reiki, which is both body based healing modalities. The body carries and holds so much, so why not give yourself and your body ways of recovering and restoring your precious, beautiful energy and body.