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Hi! I’m Emma/Arlo, This is My Business, Emma’s Wood Whirls Designs was started in June 2021! I sell custom made to order Wood Circles, Notebooks, Phone Cases, Glass Coasters, Handmade Earrings, Art Prints, Fridge Magnets, Rocks, Shells and more. I design on a range of different mediums and my business is very much themed around handmade and artisan products and what I can say from the experience of making things like this is, I make sure that whatever the order is that I make sure the person likes it and only package it when they say it’s good, I understand how personalised some things are and my business respects that. Right now, I have a lot planned and can’t wait to showcase them all when the time comes! My prices range from £2- £10 and I have a variety of different designs/colours/themes available, I intend to extend my range of products as my business develops but for now this is Emma’s Wood Whirls Designs!


Updates For the Spring Season 🌸

- GCSE Hiatus
- New Products :)
- New Artwork/Content
- Digital Art
- More BTS content!
- New Magazine & Comic Book (in the making)
- Improving Packaging For Orders
- New Art Projects/Collabs

If you have any ideas or questions, or need any help, you can email me (emma.newton07@icloud.com) or dm me @_emma_wood.whirls_designs_ and I’ll be happy to answer and help you!

That’s All For The February
Go check out my Insta, Etsy and TikTok for all new posts and content! Thanks for all your support and hope you have a great day/night,

Arlo :)
~ Emma’s Wood Whirls Designs 🎨🪵✨

EWWDs Product Library 🎨

My Favourite Products From my Shop ✨

These are my personal favourite products that I have in my Etsy currently! These are perfect customisable items for gifts or as piece of art decor/unique art! Click on the link below to buy anything…

Wood Whirls/Circles 🪵

This is the product that I started my business with and it has carried my business through all my launches and sales! I have had a lot of people ordering these on my store and I really love them, I always have so much fun making these and I personally think that these are unique items that have multiple uses and I’m proud to have them as a part of my business name as well!! Currently I am selling the for £9, so it is one of the most expensive things on my shop. However, these take the longest time to make and uses up a lot of my resources and in the end my profit is about £2. Regardless, I don’t really mind and I’m happy if my customers are happy! It’s my highest rated and best selling product so it definitely deserves a place on this list! Like all my other products, it is customisable in a number of different ways.

You can have a completely custom design or pick from a section and customise it that way! My most popular section has been my zodiac signs with a total of 13 being made for orders overall! If you want to check them out and see if you want one for yourself, head to my Etsy or message/email me!!!
Arlo :)

Phone Cases 🎨

For my next pick! I have chosen my phone cases! Overall I have made 5 phone cases across my business history! I really love doing phone cases- the idea of someone using a piece of my art in their day to day life makes any sale worth it! I have grown to be better and better at making them but the next step for me is probably using spray paint for the base/background to get a clearer result! The way I make them is that you guys tell me what phone and model you have (it can be literally any) then I get a clear phone case and paint according to what customisation is selected. You can pick custom design or choose from a section like all of my other products. So far I have had one custom order, one character case, one patterned sample case and two random designs where I got to pick! If you want to order one and are not sure just dm me on Instagram or email me!! Currently the cases are £7.50 without being on any sale! This is because I have to buy the case and that can cost quite a bit! If your interested my profit is probably around £2-£3 depending on model and Etsy fees! I really love my phone cases, In the future I hope to find a way to also get phone case designs printed professionally on instead of hand-painted but for now my business is very small scale! My phone cases come with a range of care tips and I hope to get even better by making more in future!
Arlo :)

Notebooks 📔

Notebooks are one of my newer additions to my product library and though not by any means is it my best selling products, it’s still one of my personal favourites! I love my notebook that I made for myself and I think that it would also be good for a bullet journal cover. How it works is like phone cases, I buy the specific notebook type (lined, plain, dotted, squared, ring bound, casebound etc) and then I paint and customise it accordingly. I have had one custom design notebook of someone’s business logo, which was very cool! I’d love to make more for more people in future because I also think that notebooks are very useful and personalised! All sections of all my other items apply to this as well so you can have anything from your own imagination to characters or patterns, these are perfect for school/work or just to do lists and the choice of notebooks, sketchbooks or autograph books makes these actually pretty decent. These are the most expensive things on my shop at £10. However the quality of the actual notebooks are very good and none of my other products will ever exceed £10 because I’m very aware of cost of living and priorities that are having to be made during this time! It’s the perfect gift for your friends or just yourself and if you are like me and need to stay organised Go check it out!!!
Arlo :)

Fridge Magnets

These magnets are one of the first products I made back in June 2021 but it definitely hasn’t spiked in popularity, I have had one order from it- and that was musical theatre themed with a lot of quotes which was quite cool! I think the idea is cool but since it’s wood based it probably just doesn’t look as good as it could. In future I aim to change the material and shape based on the order and maybe that will give them a little more attention but for now I think they are just a unique decoration for your house. They come in 3 different sizes with either a circle or square shape to choose from. The magnets attach very easily and the design is durable. These are one of my cheapest items being around £5-£5.50 without a sale! Overall, all of the products I’ve listed are only a fraction of what I have available on my store. So head over to my Etsy and see for yourself!!
Thanks for reading,
Arlo :)

My Top Three Small Bizzes

These are my go-to small businesses 💗

These are my top 3 small business owners in our community!! I just love their care and products! Please check them out and give them some love!! I hope that you can take these ideas and use them/be inspired by them to apply to your life or business!
Arlo <3

Handmade Broadway 🎭

For my first recommendation it would have to be the lovely, fellow small business owner Handmade Broadway, I have had the pleasure of meeting her and she is so amazing and runs an incredible small business and sells cute and affordable musical theatre themed products, from keyrings to tote bags so I would definitely recommend checking her platforms out and maybe buying or just visiting her Etsy page her prices are from £2 and there is a whole library of different products perfect for any theatre nerd! And you’ll see how amazing her and her business really is! Make sure to follow her on all of her platforms…
Have A good Day!

Handmade Broadway’s Website 🎭 ›

Mollshandmade 💗

For my second pick, I have chosen Mollshandmade, which is an amazing jewellery/accessories small business based in the UK! Molly, the owner, is such a lovely and sweet person and there is always great customer service and satisfaction when ordering. She sells all types of jewellery from earrings to bracelets with prices no more than £10! Her business is growing more and more every second- I have ordered a few times from her and I would definitely recommend you checking out her socials and website to see what quality and affordable products she sells! Mollshandmade is definitely one of my go to businesses, as I love jewellery!!!
Have A Good Day,
Arlo <3

Mollshandmade’s Website 💗 ›

Resin By Milly 🐝

For my final small business I have the chosen the amazing Resin By Milly. There are a lot of resin small businesses out there but Resin By Milly really stands out to me as one of the best! All her items are handmade with care and she is honestly the kindest small biz owner I know! Because I know her personally, I can tell you that she really cares for her business and it means a lot to her. She sells a range of resin and jewellery products from earrings to resin key-rings and notebooks, prices from £2-£12, so very affordable and beautiful pieces!!!Go make her day and follow her on socials and check out her Etsy shop- you won’t be disappointed!!
Hope you enjoyed these Recommendations and you take inspiration in them…
Have a good day,
Arlo <3

Resin By Milly’s Page 🐝 ›

My Small Business and I 💗🪵

The Artist That Lies Within 🎨✨

Hi! My name is Arlo/ Emma and this is my small business and I! I own an online business called Emma’s Wood Whirls Designs; I design and customise (on) a range of different mediums and customisable items! In terms of my business and in my personal life I love to be creative and organised! ✨💗

About myself, I’m part of the LGBTQ+ and I’m non binary (I use they/them pronouns), I’m half Italian/English but I was born in South-East England! I am still in school but in the higher years. Over the years, I have been diagnosed with a Brain tumour and OCD but I am dealing with both and feel stronger because of having these experiences, generally I think my main qualities would be:
- creative
- confident
- organised
- hard- working
- amiable

These represent what I stand up for and believe in and I make sure to express myself using these qualities on a regular basis, I would say I am an outgoing person, who just prefers independence but can also work collaboratively and my enthusiasm helps with this!

Let’s talk about my hobbies, I enjoy and I have strong passion for:
- reading
- musical theatre/acting
- food
- writing
- music (listening to, singing and playing piano)
- art
- digital art

And all things creative! I hope to in the future be a successful fine artist/writer and I hope my business is a stepping stone to that point, I love to express my identity through the creative arts and I’m so happy to have the ability to have this as an aspect of my life…

My passion for art spans from traditional art to digital art and so far as to unusual but cute and so that’s my story, That’s my artist that lies within!!! ✨🎨💗🪵

Arlo/Emma :)

The Adventures Of Arlo Channel

This is the YouTube channel/podcast for the Adventures Of Arlo with me Arlo/Emma as your host!! 🎨💗✨

The Adventures Of Arlo YouTube channel is a way of media in which I get to showcase my creativity, charisma and skills to the world! As a small business owner and an online entrepreneur, these two forms of video/audio media are essential for the way I wish to show myself and express my feelings and talents, I am Arlo and this Channel is a chance for me to show you, who I am and that is Arlo Sofia Newton- Owner Of Emma’s Wood Whirls Designs an artist, writer, musician, geeky book lover 🎨✨💗🎭🎧🎶

It Ends With Us Colleen Hoover Book Review 📚

LGBTQ+ Talk 🏳️‍🌈

Heathers Vlog 🎭

You are worth it :)

“Even when the world puts you down, you paint a rainbow and brighten its skies”