My Small Business and I 💗🪵

The Artist That Lies Within 🎨✨

Hi! My name is Arlo/ Emma and this is my small business and I! I own an online business called Emma’s Wood Whirls Designs; I design and customise (on) a range of different mediums and customisable items! In terms of my business and in my personal life I love to be creative and organised! ✨💗

About myself, I’m part of the LGBTQ+ and I’m non binary (I use they/them pronouns), I’m half Italian/English but I was born in South-East England! I am still in school but in the higher years. Over the years, I have been diagnosed with a Brain tumour and OCD but I am dealing with both and feel stronger because of having these experiences, generally I think my main qualities would be:
- creative
- confident
- organised
- hard- working
- amiable

These represent what I stand up for and believe in and I make sure to express myself using these qualities on a regular basis, I would say I am an outgoing person, who just prefers independence but can also work collaboratively and my enthusiasm helps with this!

Let’s talk about my hobbies, I enjoy and I have strong passion for:
- reading
- writing
- music (listening to, singing and playing piano)
- art
- digital art

And all things creative! I hope to in the future be a successful fine artist/writer and I hope my business is a stepping stone to that point, I love to express my identity through the creative arts and I’m so happy to have the ability to have this as an aspect of my life…

My passion for art spans from traditional art to digital art and so far as to unusual but cute and so that’s my story, That’s my artist that lies within!!! ✨🎨💗🪵

Arlo/Emma :)

You are worth it :)

“Even when the world puts you down, you paint a rainbow and brighten its skies”

My Go-To’s 💗⭐️

These are my go-to’s as a small business owner :)

These are my go-to things/people as a small business owner! These can be tools, inspirations, or just objects that help me small business wise and in my general life! I hope that you can take these picks and use them/be inspired by them to apply to your life or business!
Arlo <3

Resin By Milly ⭐️💗

For my first recommendation it would have to be the lovely, fellow small business owner Resin By Milly, not only is she one of my closest friends, she also runs an incredible small business and sells cute and affordable resin/jewellery products so I would definitely recommend checking her platforms out and maybe buying or just visiting her Etsy page! And you’ll see how amazing her and her business really is! Make sure to follow her on all of her platforms…
Have A good Day!

Milly’s Website ›

Procreate 🎨✨

For my second pick, I have chosen Procreate.
Procreate is a digital art app/website that is available on smart phones and tablets and other digital devices, it does cost money but for what you get it’s worth it. On tablets it’s £10 and on mobile phones it’s £5, I use it a lot as a small business owner and for my own personal art projects, I think if you can afford it, then it’s a useful tool to have. It offers a range of different colours, options and brushes and really channels a passion for any type of digital art,
Hope that if you like it you will check out,
But regardless.
Have A Good Day,
Arlo <3

Link to their site! ›

A Strong Passion/Interest/Hobby 📚🎨✨

For my final recommendation, I have chosen the ideas of hobbies.
I think that one thing that everyone should share in common is having a hobby/interest to spend time doing something you’re passionate about. Some common hobbies would be things like: reading, writing, drawing, singing, baking etc. I think that a hobby can shape someone’s personality and whether or not that hobby becomes a bigger part of your life, say pursuing that as a small business, it still makes us who we are and how we wish to express ourselves. My hobbies are definitely: drawing, reading and writing and those three things really shape my life, personality and business! I encourage you to have a hobby, contain your current one or find a new one, it can change you or your life for the better!
Hope you enjoyed these Recommendations and you take inspiration in them…
Have a good day,
Arlo <3

Link to Hobby Quiz ›