Empower, with Nadine Chanel

Where Cycle Syncing, Astrology & Herbalism unite!

Kia ora katoa, nau mai, haere mai ki tōu wā kāinga o te tīnana, a, te wairua, a, te hinengaro!

Hello all, welcome to your home of the body, spirit and mind!

Ko Nadine au! I'm Nadine - the face behind the magic here & I welcome you in with loving arms!

Empower, with Nadine Chanel (ENC) is your home for all things:
🩸 Cycle Syncing
🪐 Astrology
🌱 Herbalism

& Where Zero BS towards women's health is taken 100% seriously!

My background is in Health & Safety, I have a Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety, as well as a Nutrition & Wellbeing Coaching Certificate, where I worked in high profile companies, being the face of Health & safety & wellbeing for the staff, managers and exec teams! My wide range of knowledge spans from nutritional health, to mental illness, from physical training to subconscious reprogramming.

Not only that, I'm an aspiring Astrologer, Herbalist & Te Reo Māori rejuvenator! Among many other things...

I have a Masters in Life Coaching as well as being a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner & Timeline Therapist, let's just say, I have a wide array of knowledge that spans across many areas (and 10 years experience between them all!)

To be frank, most of those who choose to work with me, don't work with me because I have fancy letters by my name or because I have fancy bits of paper to say I've done a course...souls choose to work with me because they see that I am just like them, simply a little further along in the journey when it comes to self-responsibility, self-growth & self-confidence & connection.

Not only that, they choose to work with me because I bring transformation, real-life results & an experience that is more than just skin deep. I'm talking touching the soul, changing your make-up on that soul level & REALLY creating lastkng, life-long change that everyone is looking for these days - but is unsure how!

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