Meet me <3

Some things about me you'd like to know :D

My name is Emaan but u can call me Ema/Emy/Em whatever name u think would be suitable for me :)! Am just a girl studying in middle school right now- Am also an Instagramer nd a YouTuber that mostly posts gacha content πŸ₯² I've been on social media since I was 11 years old nd I rlly seem to have a good time since the start, I made alot of friends nd even had a fan base. Social media became like a home to me now nd I don't think I'll ever leave my friends/siblings there <3 Although I hate being involved in dramas nd that kind of makes me feel like ignore social media so I do- πŸ’€ Anyways lemme tell some hobbies of mine! I like reading alot nd I love the book series dork diaries:)) I started reading them this year nd they were amazing πŸ€§πŸ’— Eating is also one of my hobbies nd I love food..- I like junk food over healthy tho lol,, I also like listening to music nd I love both kpop nd pop music! ✨ Sleeping is also one of my hobbies tho I sleep late nd wake up early, I still count it as my hobby πŸ˜‚
I also love writing nd I have collected alot of diaries ever since I was 9. I love collecting cute items alot!! Like cute stationary, clothes, accessories etc
πŸ₯ΊπŸ’—.. Now about my personality πŸ—Ώ-
So, at first if u meet me. I never talk nd just being the "quiet kid" but if u become friends with me. Believe me or not, I'll become one of the most talkative ppl you've ever met πŸ₯± I love making new friends alot nd I love hanging out with them too :D! I can be really sensitive sometimes on the most smallest things so pls don't mind me- ;-;" Am also a very very huge simp nd I just can't control it ngl..πŸ₯²πŸ’”, Am happy most of the time but if am in a bad mood, I don't really talk to people nd if I do-. I kinda get cold so please nevermind this aswell 😭. But if am too happy- I get too much annoying tbh, that's just my personality so don't mind hehe :'>!! Anyways that was all for now, thanks for reading <3