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You were created on purpose with a purpose

Hi there, my name is Ruth just Midwestern girl living in Ohio encouraging wellness + self-care for your best health, LIFESTYLE of harmony & sowing seeds one soul at a time.

I’m so pumped you stopped by. I would love to help you transition your products from chemical-filled and toxic to clean and purely harvested!

It’s so important you take ownership of this journey for yourself. Oils have changed mine and my family's health journey so much. We love Young Living’s products and have tried them out for over a year now and I have decided to share with others.

For many years, I purchased chemical filled products with toxic unknown ingredients from multiple different companies without knowing how harmful they truly are. However, I am thankful we can trust a brand that gets their ingredients from organic farms around the world and truly care about their customers. I will personally coach you through this process as it is a slow transition, not a sprint. I’m so excited for you! Here you may grab a kit of your choice or purchase individual products which allows you to create your own bundle and unlock a discount. ✨


Why Young Living —

About the company

You have probably seen essential oils sold in every store and have probably thought “what’s the difference? It’s all the same oils right?” Wrong!

The FDA does not regulate essential oils and what ingredients can be included. Actually, an essential oils bottle can have just 5% essential oil and legally be labelled as “Pure Therapeutic Grade.” Scary huh?

That’s why we have decided to use the purest oils on the market for our own families!

Since 1994, Young Living has owned and operated their own farms, distilleries, labs and warehouses. Their standards are far above international standards and anyone can visit their fields and distilleries at any time.

They are the only essential oil company in the world with a Seed to Seal guarantee that stands on the pillars of Sourcing, Science and Standards. Each batch of oils are tested and third party tested. Young Living does more testing than any other company. Their oils are totally organic. All pest control is done with their own oils and plants are hand-weeded.

They have more oils and blends than any company in the world. They bring ancient oils forward and make them available to us today! You can purchase Young Living products at wholesale prices with no requirements – purchase whatever you want! And there are hundreds of other home products that are no just natural but oil infused!

The best part of all – you have the support of a huge community of Young Living users to guide you as you learn! You don’t get that when you purchase a bottle of oil from the grocery store.

Have a beautiful day, and be encouraged ♡ —

Please reach out to me I would love to help you being your wellness journey!! [email protected]