Heres the story

I am a vivid dreamer and astral projector, intuitive empath, great advice-giver, and an expert reader.
When I started working in healthcare I realized that individuals (unknowingly) were treating physical symptoms of emotional wounds. Through my own intuition, research, and experience in the healthcare field, i have found that emotions influence physical pain. In fact, i believe emotions alone can manifest physical symptoms in its entirety.

My intuitive work is quite the opposite- to facilitate the awareness of emotional wounds and the physical impact they have on the body.

Our words, thoughts, and feelings create positive and negative vibrations that integrate and manifest into this physical dimension. The brain does not categorize pain; emotional suffering and physical pain are equal. While our physical wounds are treated and bandaged, our emotional wounds remain unacknowledged which leads to the destruction of our life force and energy, resulting in various physical ailments and diseases. Without this acknowledgment and processing of deep rooted emotions, physical ailments will continue to present themselves in any area of the body.

Energy Scan

45-60 minute prerecorded Energy Scan

Certified by Natashia Mack, I have developed my channeling abilities to guide you through the energy of each of your chakras and facilitate the balancing of each chakra by removing stagnant energy and bringing various emotions to your awareness. This clarity and validation helps facilitate the healing of deep rooted emotions from this lifetime and other past lifetimes and allows the chakras to move energy more freely, reduce physical symptoms and increase the high vibrational life force energy throughout your soul.

Benefits of an Energy Scan

Heightened awareness with your emotions-reduced anxiousness-validation in your feelings-increased energy-lightness-clarity-energy balancing-nutritional guidance-

Dream question reading


I am able to lucid dream and astral project regularly. This has allowed me to ask questions in my dreams to which I am able to receive answers. In this unique and special offering, i will use my lucid abilities to ask a question of your choice in my dreams. The answers may come as straight forward words or a situation that requires interpretation.

This service is not yet on my etsy shop. Please message me on Etsy or DM me @psychic_sweetheart