Kiki’s Journey about herself 🌻

You know you’re at war, right ? No not physically or anything like that but the biggest war of them all, the one in your mind! && I am here to tell you that you’re not alone! This isn’t just about that but also about how fun life can be as well! I’m going to be sharing with you all how my day to day life goes!🙂

I am a Christian girl who’s lived through and still lives through the ups and downs of life and aspires to be the best she can be! Many times people see “oh she’s a Christian” and assume the worst! I am sorry that some have made you think that way of us. I am a girl who’s full of love, happiness and just like anyone else has had her many downfalls in life but doesn’t let it determine who she is! I write poetry, I sing (a little) and I am extremely adventurous! Now at 22 years old I am starting this journey and sharing with you all what happens in Kristy’s life! Oh yeah my name is Kristy Sepulveda but you can call me Kiki! 🌻

Stay tuned with all the cool things I will be bringing to you! ☺️ So excited guys!

Kiki’s YouTube Channel

I hope you guys enjoy! Subscribe and also comment what else I should do on my videos! 💓

Here you will be seeing some of my day to day things I do and how I go on about my day, things I want to speak on, topics to explore, my poetry, makeup, outfits, showing you products, etc. You name it, I’ll do it! My adventures and SOOO much MOREEEE!!! Lol

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