A mind stretched by its new experiences, can never go back to its old dimensions

Welcome beauties! I hope you’re well? So great to have you here, to show you a lil’ snippet into my world. Let me start by explaining what this is all about...

In 2018, I was introduced to an online business opportunity; working with a health company + using social media as a place to share, help, nourish + support other people! At first I literally had no clue what I would have to do.. so it took me a little while to really get stuck in - but now I’m here to show you guys how to get involved too + I could not be more excited about it!!

This was my life... depressed, overworked, underpaid, overweight, no energy & zero purpose >>>> Energised, driven, mum of one, full of life, a new purpose & I have my body back! - I would love to help you feel this way too!
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Enrichment Effect Health Plans

My top 3 favourites...

After being diagnosed 11 years ago with Coeliac Disease, I began eating all of the substitute foods and was thrown into this unknown world, where all of a sudden I had to learn how to cook from scratch and let me tell you - it took a while! Which meant, I was eating a lot of sugar, snacks and carbs and as you can imagine that combo was never going to make me feel amazing was it?!
After being introduced to these health supplements I began to understand a lot more about what our bodies need & began helping other people to find the right balance in their diet. Particularly when others came to me with complaints like their troubled skin and digestive issues and those that were desperate to lose weight!
Take a look at some options below & if you feel they’d help you, send me a private message!

Get That Glow Bundle ✨

When it comes to troubled skin, I can totally relate! For YEARS, I battled with spotty, oily skin that no matter what facial products or lotions I used would ever seem to correct it!
I personally have helped many woman that have struggled with conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and acne improve their symptoms and get their confidence back!
It’s one of those things, our diet.. we’re never really exposed to the truth of how it can impact us on the outside!
One other tip to try, is eliminate dairy from your diet - it’s hugely inflammatory on the body and goes a long way in contributing to nasty skin flare ups!
Our whole food capsules (above) are packed with raw, real nutrient rich berries & 5 types of vegan omega oils, which if you haven’t guessed are incredibly healing for our skin! Not only working from the inside out & flooding your bloodstream with 100% natural vitamins and minerals they can also make a great face mask!

Body Confidence Plan

We all want to feel our best right? We all want to have the right mindset when it comes to food and our health, but so many times we find ourselves repeating old bad habits and piling on weight, feeling crappy & it impacts us mentally too (well, it definitely did with me!)
So the Body Confidence Plan, is a way of educating you about nutrition, supporting your health with our incredible supplements & nourishing your body the sustainable, long term way. You eat real food, still enjoy a snack or treat and don’t get sucked into this battle of ‘cheat days’ or feeling guilty that you induldged! Nah, we’re not about that! With the help of our low calorie smoothies and whole food capsules, you can still eat normally & enjoy the foods you love guilt free!

Total Transformation Plan

Okay, so you’re ready for the big health overhaul? Whether you’re lifestyle is super busy and you never get a second to eat right, maybe you’re a tired parent who needs some much needed energy, or you want to lose that weight you’ve been trying to shift for a while but have tried everything!
Whatever your situation, we can help!
This plan includes;
Our whole food supplements (whichever package suits you best individually)
Meal plans, recipes, mentoring from me, a wealth of info from a qualified PT & some exercise guidance as well as a community group for further support and motivation!

If you’re ready to commit to your healthiest, best self... private message me to get started! Let’s do this together!!