Enthrall Co

Terms & Condition

Thank you for taking interest in our store!! However, we would like to advice that you go through our T&C's down below before placing your order with us so that you can enjoy a smooth transaction & pleasant shopping experience 💕

a) Payments
-Payment is to be made in 1-3 business days, AFTER placing your order
-Failure to do so will result in your order being cancelled and you will be added to our Joy Buyer blacklist
-If you are unable to make your payment within the stated timeframe, you can just inform us the reason and we'll be okay with it

-Some items will require 2nd payment which refers to the international shipping fee (example from Korea to Msia)
-2nd payment is required when the items has arrived at our International Warehouse
-We will give a specific time for you to pay the 2nd payment so please make sure that you can pay within the time given
-2nd payment rates are RM40/kg (Korea to Msia) We couldn't estimate the 2nd payment amount as we do not know the weight of the item.

b) Local Postage
-RM10 flat rate to EM/WM for non-bulky items below 2kg
-RM15 flat rate to EM/WM for bulky items above 2kg
-You will most probably receive your parcel in 2-5 Business Days (EM) / 5-7 Business Days (WM)

*additional charges may apply if item is heavier / bigger in size than we expected*

-Postage fees will be paid by the customer to the J&T runner when they deliver your parcel (COD)
-You will most probably receive your parcel in 1-3 Business Days (EM) / 3-5 Business Days (WM)
-Do note that J&T has higher postage fees

-We will make sure to pack your orders in a secured way to avoid any damage during shipment
-Generous amount of bubble wrap will be used for every order
-Cardboard/box will mostly be used for album orders (will use Air Bubble Pack if we ran out of boxes)

c) Shipping
-Items will usually arrive at our place in around 2-3 weeks (from Korea) & 3-4 weeks (from China) AFTER payment date / release date for new merch
-After your item has arrived at our place, we will need 1-3 business days to pack your parcel and arrange for postage
-If you cannot wait, please do not order from us
-Do expect some delays to occur during this pandemic / any unforeseen situation

-Do note that we will NOT be responsible for the damage during international shipping as we have no control of it
-The least we could do is file a complain & include extra freebies as a token of apology
-We are deeply sorry if this happens 🙏🏻

d) Item Authenticity
-All ALBUMS in our store are 100% official from Korea
-For MERCH, we will state whether its Official / Unofficial in our caption
-Please read the caption carefully before placing an order

e) Refunds / Returns / Cancellations
-Will only be provided when item is out of stock / we didn't manage to grab them
-In some cases for unofficial items, we will give you a choice to choose refund or re-order the item if we received a wrong item / design from your order

-No returns are accepted as we will be checking your order before posting them out
-However, if we happen to mix up your parcel with another customer's parcel, we will take full responsibility for the cost of return

-Cancellations are strictly prohibited when purchasing from our store. You will be blacklisted if you decide to cancel your order
-No refunds will be entertained for customers who cancels their order

f) Others
-Please respect each other as a seller and customer
-We will not tolerate any rude messages if we replied to your message late & you will be directly blocked & blacklisted
-We also seek for your kind understanding shall there happen any unforeseen situation

-Will not entertain any of those stated above
-DM will be left on read & self promo comments will be deleted
-Any unrelated tags will be removed & your account will be blocked