Epiphany Images Plus

Welcome to my passion, I want to make memories for you.

I am Epiphany, I enjoy taking pictures and making art and memories. Photography started as a way to capture moments of my kids but blossomed into a passion for the art. I have an associates in Graphic Design and that is where the Plus comes in.

My Favorite Images

Have a look at a few of my favorite photos that I've taken.

The 5th grade graduate! This shoot was done at Forest Hill Park on a pretty decent weather day. It was a few days before graduation. We got to get outside at the end of a virtual school year to commemorate graduating from fifth grade and being ready for a whole new chapter, Middle School.

The twins! This picture is my favorite of the twins. They have a super special bond that is impenetrable and this photo captures them as they are. This was not posed, they just had a moment in the middle of the shoot, and I was able to capture it.

This beautiful little photogenic princess was my first full photoshoot. She was turning four, and her shoot even had an outfit change and a wonderfully crafted 4 prop her mom made. This shoot was done before I had my lights and backdrop set and still have so many photos that I absolutely love.

This is my favorite photo of my oldest child. I adore this photo, the focus and blur, her expression, just everything.

Nature is pretty nice. I used to go to the garden nursery and take tons of photos of plants and flowers, with my phone. They came out pretty good, I liked playing around with different angles and the camera settings in my phone. When I started learning about macro photography I thought "well this will take my nature photos up a notch"

I waited patiently to take some Autumn photos of my kids. I wanted the colorful leaves, the cool but nice weather. We took these on Halloween before we all transformed, and I loved this shoot. This is my favorite photo, and it was the last photo of the day. This is also one of my photos that I've done after I started using Lightroom to edit.