Wellness Coach & Entrepreneur

Erica A. Brooks

Hello, I'm Erica, wife and mom of two teenagers and a very active toddler!

I too struggled on the weight loss roller coaster, trying diet after diet and quick fixes which only led to more weight gain, stress, fatigue, diabetes and high blood pressure. I started eating a healthy diet. I exercised regularly and became stronger physically and mentally, however the weight did not come off as I expected. I made the decision to get off and stay off the weight loss ride by investing in education, studying and digging deeper into what were the underlying issues that were causing my weight challenges. As a student of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I learned the value of bio individuality, that we are not all the same and must approach wellness from an individual standpoint. Things that are going on/off of one’s plate, spirituality, relationships, career, age and hormones play a significant role in one’s health, fitness and overall wellness. 

Today, I am happily maintaining a healthy weight. I have more energy, and my diabetes and high blood pressure no longer control my life. I would love to talk to with you about your wellness goals to help you create a personalized lifestyle plan that fits your individual needs.