Somatic Health & Wellness Coach, Trauma-Safe Certified

My approach to health is rooted in the fact that the body, mind and spirit are interconnected.

Hi there! I'm Erica and I’m so happy you’re here!

I am a Certified Health and Life Coach. I obtained my dual-coaching certification from the Health Coach Institute (HCI). I am also Trauma-Safe Certified by Organic Intelligence (OI).

My mission is to be an example of embodied, grounded and intentional living.

I offer general support for overall wellbeing to help women to slow down, get out of their heads, connect with their body and intuition so they can cultivate a new, deeper relationship with themselves - one fostered in self acceptance, self compassion and kindness.

I am dedicated to teaching women how to shift their attention to the present moment so that they can go from feeling constant stress, anxiety and overwhelm to experiencing greater peace and simple pleasure. I am passionate about how we grow after trauma and empowering others to let go and trust their bodies innate wisdom, self healing and growth.

My core desire is to help serve, heal, and transform the world through my deep work, deep expertise, and deep ability to hold space.

As your coach, I’m here to guide and walk along side of you on this journey to self discovery, freedom and fun! It will be a journey without judgement and without making you feel you need ‘fixing.’ I invite you to lean in with an open heart and open mind. I offer my full presence, unconditional love and support.

I look forward to connecting!