My adventure

A networker in Africa

I had to let go what I could not change to get a new beautiful live

How did I become a networker

I had to start from me to be able to help others

Two years ago, after a life spent in two continents working in restaurants all over the world, I moved to Scotland and I started working as a Deputy Manager in one of the biggest hotel in Edinburgh.
I really loved my job, I had a lot of responsibilities.
My life, holidays and off days as well were spent just inside the hotel.
One day one of the biggest friend I have in Kenya, asked me for help, and when I noticed that I could not take care of her, a single mum and her daughter, I realized that I had a good job but it could not allow me to do what I really wanted to.. helping others.
I decided that I needed an extra income.
Christine and Stacy are my biggest why. I started my journey as a networker to support them, it turned out to be the biggest change of my life.

Recommendation #1

When you notice you are not doing do what you feel is right for you, then change something, make your choice.

Recommendation #2

Follow your desire, look for it inside yourself, believe you can.

Recommendation #3

When you don’t know where to start from, start from you, change something small and everything will start improving.
Allow yourself to make a choice.