Heyyy y’all, I’m Ericka ! ☺️

Tell the world what you’re made of

If you've come across this application I'm sure you have a little idea of what I do. But if not keep reading 🤗

I needed a few $100 to get by every month and little did I know that by saying yes, would be the first step to that !

So by the grace of God we recently bought our first home (yay! ) and we knew that trying to adjust to that and still be able to enjoy life here and there would be a little hard because money was tight. I wanted to buy so many things to decorate the new house, travel, and do much much more for my family. I want to be able to surprise my parents one day and say “don’t worry your home is paid for”, also I want retire my dad,

One day I saw a post from old high school friend about this business, and I was tempted to ask her about it but I thought maybe I couldn’t do it. She give me the info and for a few days I was battening my mind whether I could do it or not. I would say to myself I’m to busy with my full time and my 3yo son, but one day I said “let’s try it! What do I have to loose right ?”
So with NO experience, no followers, working a full time job, being a full time mom, I said yes ! I can do this !

I was tired and having to check my bank account before being able to purchase something or waiting until Friday for my paycheck to hit.

All I had to do was step out of my comfort zone, and take action. I wanted a change and I had to do something about it.

If you relate to my story I encourage you to take control of your life again and step out of your comfort zone. And no it’s not going to be easy, but If I can do it you can do it as well ! All you need to start Is make the decision , say yes and go fill out my influencer application! Come on, we can do this ! 💕