Hey there, I'm Erika...

I may be the Answer your were hoping and waiting for! YES YOU CAN & YES IT WORKS ❣️

Hello, welcome to my page. My name is Erika and I'm glad that you are here.

I know God has chosen me to help others become a healthier version of themselves and help them succeed and encourage them in their walk with God, health journey and to financial independence.
Let's do this together, let me help you get there.

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Yes you can and Yes ItWorks

Hi there, my name is Erika

Dream and never give up.

Hi, thanks for visiting me here. I'm happy you found me.
I want to be of encouragement to you and tell you YES YOU CAN AND YES YOU WILL!

Let me share a little about my story. I was overweight, considered morbidly obese weighing between 281lbs to 284 lbs on average, I was always tired and needed a change. My husband was the only provider which was hard on him after loosing all he had just around the time we met 7 years ago. Initially I worked 3 jobs to help him pay off his debts and that took a toll on me, we later had a baby and with everything going on I began to gain weight and fast! We decided it was best stayed home with the baby and just stay with one job I could do from home but that was stressful with a baby and money wasn't enough.
We moved to a new city with new plans and dreams, asking God for direction and for doors of opportunities. I began to take care of myself, went to a weight loss clinic for help and they taught me how to eat better, eventually I stopped losing weight, and that's when I began to seek other ways to support my body's metabolism and found It Works.
I was also planning to go back to work full time but with Covid regulations for school kids, we decided I'd homeschool, that's when I found a homeschooling group and wonderful woman came into my life who I can say is my sister in Christ and friend, she introduced me to the products to that are helping me continue my weight loss journey, but also about this answer to my prayers business opportunity! and what's best a community of people that not only have encouraged me but that now are my friends.

I asked God to help me make the changes I needed, I prayed for a business opportunity I could do from home and He aligned it all, so here I am SUPER HAPPY, EXCITED AND LOVING WHAT I DO!

Iam now at 149lbs and still loosing weight and also with a business that is now creating revenue and growing. God has answered my prayers and all I had to do was to step out in faith and believe him in the process.

The health and wellnessb products I use and sell, DO WORK! and so does the business!

Allow me to help you accomplish your goals and inspire you to Go for more! You were created for MORE! You were created for GREATNESS!