About Me

Erin Roesch

Hello! I’m Erin, a busy mom making life work in NYC with my two-year-old daughter, Ella, and nerdy-but-oh-so-handsome British/South African math professor husband, Henri.

You’ll find a little mix of everything in what I share here—reflections on our fertility journey, recipes and fitness tips, humor, and my musings on life in as a crazy mix of mom, grant writer, pastor (I’m ordained in the United Methodist Church), and fitness influencer/coach/mentor (I lead a virtual fitness community called REALNation—more about that below).


Help women live their best embodied life, so they can do the things they love for and with the people they love.


In 2003, my dad passed away following a traumatic motorcycle accident that rocked my family to its core. I was 15 years old and over the next 10 years, I watched my mother struggle to cope with the loss of my father. She gained about 120 pounds in total—a change that led to double knee replacements, the onset of type 2 diabetes, neck surgery, and stroke level blood pressure. In 2018, my mother started experiencing shortness of breath. On her the morning of her 67th birthday, she went into to cardiac arrest and flatlined six times, leaving her with little neural function. She passed away three days later, meaning that by the age of 31, I had removed both of my parents from life support—a nightmare no child should ever have to endure.

Standing at the foot of my mother’s hospital bed, I vowed to be part of the solution for women’s health. Growing up, I had few (if any) women in my life who had figured out how to weave fitness into their daily life over the long-run. I had seen first-hand what “I’ll get to that eventually” and “It’s just not the right time” had led to for the women I loved—my own mother, aunts, mentors, even my own peers. I realized that, for me, I HAD to figure out how to make fitness as routine as brushing my teeth...for my own sake and for the sake of my daughter and husband.

That’s why I coach women (ages of 18-60+) in health and fitness in a virtual fitness community called REALNation. It’s never too early or too late to steward the gift of the ONE body you’ve been given to get you through this beautiful thing called life.


REALNation is a growing community made up of 160+ women that I coach across six countries. We work out using an online library of 1,500 workouts that you can do anywhere (at home, in a hotel, at the gym, etc). I run the community on a private app where we do life together in a body positive, joyful way. I post daily content that is educational, inspirational, and challenging in a low-pressure environment where you go at YOUR pace and work out on YOUR schedule. There is no judgement, no such thing as “falling behind”...just unconditional encouragement and celebrating your journey towards health and wholeness. I also share monthly meal plans and work 1:1 with the women I coach to help them work towards their unique goals. The best part: It all costs LESS than you’d spend on a traditional gym membership.


In addition to coaching women in fitness, I also mentor women to do what I do as a fitness influencer/coach. I can only help about 10-15 women each month with my current capacity. For that reason, I need a team! If you’re interested in working from anywhere, earning a living being the healthiest version of you, and leaving a legacy in the lives of others, let’s chat. I mentor about 3-4 new coaches each month.

Interested in learning more and possibly joining REALNation as a participant or coach? Just swipe left!