Hello! 💛

Welcome to my little slice of the world!

✨Hello & WELCOME!

My name is Erin Lachance, I am married to an incredibly hardworking, smart & funny man that never lets a day go by without making me smile & giggle. I’m a dog mom to 3 amazing pups! (Cedar, Willow & Lennox) One of which went to heaven last September but the other 2 are very much here keeping my heart full & feet busy while also expecting our first child in JUNE of 2022!

✨I am a lover of all things uplifting, wholesome & positive! 🪴

✨I absolutely adore photography & have been doing it as a side hustle since I was 18 (we won’t add up the years lol) 📸

✨As of July 2021 started my own ARBONNE BUSINESS after struggling for years with hormonal imbalances, infertility, unhealthy gut & SO MUCH MORE! Not only do I USE & LOVE the Arbonne products but the company stands for similar values to myself, has an outstanding community & the highest of standards for their products! Although in all honesty I originally started the business side to get a better discount, I soon realized that the opportunity to HELP OTHERS, grow my own healthy, happy & positive community as well as make a career out of this while being intentional & PRESENT in my own life, was to good to pass up! 🌱

✨If you’d like to get to know me better, try the goodies I speak of, want to follow along as I continually improve my health & heart, welcome my child into the world & obsess a little wildly over my dogs or want to start your own ARBONNE business within my team, please reach out as I’d be OVERJOYED to help guide you through it all! 💛

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