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Hey I’m Erin,
I’m here to change peoples life’s and help them do better. With a healthier lifestyle.

I’m here to show you three easy steps. To better yourself in so m any ways. Here is a little about the 3 steps to a healthier you. First step morning vitamins, second step protein shake, Third step DFT patch. be V

I have helped so many wonderful people.. I want to help you.

This product and company I joined is absolutely amazing!

Some new and exiting products.

If you click this link you will find. So many amazing products and so many healthier life options.

3 step

All plant based/natural! So, it’s capsules, shakes and patches. The capsules you take on an empty stomach right when you wake up in the morning and they give you all the vitamins your body needs for the day and A TON of energy. They’re loaded with B vitamins and the ingredients are premium grade with a 96% absorbency rate.

Then drink the shake 20 mins later. They keep you full for 4-5 hours. And are ultra-micronized so they don’t have that gritty, chalky consistency. They’re seriously BOMB!

Dft’s are essentially wearable nutrition. Basically, a sticker that controls your cravings and suppresses your appetite. They work like a nicotine patch or a birth control patch through your skin. Giving your body all the vitamins and minerals, you need to feel incredible. You’ll notice your energy and mood is boosted because it also helps raise your serotonin levels too!

Are you wanting to lose weight or needing more energy?

My biz

So, I work with a health and wellness company called Le-Vel. There’s a TON of different things we offer but we’re most known for our Three Step System. Vitamins, shakes and dft patches.
Are you familiar with the 3 steps?