Beauty from Within

’’The strongest actions for a woman is to love herself, be herself & shine amongst those who never believed she could.”

Hi! My name is Erin! I am a stay at home mama of 4 kiddos, ranging from ages 7 down to 2 years old! My husband and I have been together for 8 years and we live in Michigan!

After my youngest was born, we decided to save money and have me stay home with the kiddos instead of sending them all to daycare. It was a life changing experience for me and is one that I will forever be grateful that I am able to do. It’s the most challenging job I’ve ever done, but the most rewarding!

I first heard about this company through a friend of mine whom I had worked with many years ago. I tried out the products and fell in love so much that I decided to take the leap & share how amazing these products were, without even knowing much about the company at all.

And boy was I glad I took that leap. I quickly realized how incredible the family that I had gained with joining, the friendships I was making, the results I was seeing, the paychecks flowing right from the beginning, and all the added perks thrown in as you grew.

My goal quickly became helping others achieve their dreams just like I was on the journey to achieving mine. I wanted to help people with gaining back their confidence by using products that made a difference, earning extra income, joining a community & family of encouragers & last but not least, gaining back that time freedom that so many of us have lost!

If adding a side hustle or even ditching your 9-5, joining an amazing community of friends, learning how to run your own business, & building yourself up financially is something that interests you, swipe over to continue through my website and jump on board!

I promise you, you won’t regret it. XO

The Business

What am I up to now?

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Well, first of all, I share some incredible hair products! I share an incredible opportunity for women to turn their social media into money, and I also help them realize their worth & passions. It’s easy as that.

No it’s not a scam. It’s 100% real.

Yes, I actually do make money off of this.

Yes, the products are just that GOOD, and I will never again let another shampoo touch my hair. It’s that simple.

So....what do you get when you join?
First and get the opportunity of a lifetime.

|A bundle of my favorite luxury hair products as low as $199 (50% off regular price)
|bonuses upon bonuses (did I mention you can make up to $1,800 in your first 3 months just in bonuses?!
|Our company has the best compensation plan in the industry - women make up to $107K/MONTH)
|personalized website + online office
|30% discount on all orders
|free products
|free shipping
|access to flash sales + promotions
|payments 5-6x a month, in 10 different ways
|social media training from the top girls in our company
|business launch training
|weekly training + motivational calls
|brand new FREE Cadillac incentive
|annual FREE trip incentives (Vegas, Punta Cana, etc)
|no monthly fees or obligations
|no requirement to hold inventory
|no monthly minimums or quotas
|1:1 mentoring with me + joining the best team ever!
|work on your own terms
|access to my VIP page
|no boss to answer to
|30 day trial
|and the best thing....the best hair and skin you could ever dream of!

|must be 18+
|located in USA, UK, Canada, Spain, Lithuania (continually expanding!)
|motivated and willing to manage self
|able to communicate on a weekly basis
|motivated to put in WORK
|This is not a “get rich quick” (nothing is, for that matter!)

Alright, so here is the don’t have to be a stay at home mama, a college dropout or currently hate your full time job. I have many girls on my team currently who work 9-5 and do this as their side hustle! It doesn’t take much extra time to do this and you’ll be surprised at how much more time you really have then you think!

I did this because I saw so many other women finding their purpose through this business. They found happiness, willing to do whatever it took to create the life that they love.

So if any of this intrigues you in the least bit, or if you are looking to chase your dreams, why not just take that first step? Take that leap of faith, because honestly, you have nothing to lose but SO MUCH more to gain!

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Let’s get you started on the journey to your dreams!

Does this sound like something that interests you? Something that you’d like to take that leap of faith?? If so, I’m so excited you made this decision! Just fill out the app below & I look forward to this journey you’re about to embark on!

“I believe success is achieved by ordinary people with extraordinary determination.” -Zig Ziglar