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I am a Huntington Beach based social media influencer and content creator. Known as @erinhucke on Instagram with over 11k followers, I have represented several brands over the past year.
In addition to my work as an influencer, I am also a mother and fiancé. Most of the time you can catch me changing dirty diapers, rocking a mom bun, cleaning up after my crazy dog and above everything else, loving my wonderfully beautiful family. I am 26 years old and I previously worked as a Disney character performer, went to school for dental hygiene and ended up as a voiceover agent at a bicoastal talent agency. As mentioned, I am now a stay at home mother, taking care of my son Oliver and watching him grow. My content caters to the the millennial mother/family as I open and honestly share my life and experiences with the world

Having my first baby has been the most rewarding and magical experience in my life. It's so incredible to look down at this tiny perfect person that I created in my body. When I was pregnant I found myself asking so many moms, "What do I need? Like, what do I REALLY need?"

I was given several different answers, but my favorite was, "A place to sleep, a boob, diapers and some clothes." Registry websites will give you lists upon lists with things they say you need, but I'm here to keep it real and tell you what I got and what simple things work for my family.

I did set up a nursery with the majority of the things a nursery needs, (crib, changing table, rocking chair, etc.) mostly due to the inevitable nesting phase. Did I need all of that right away, no not necessarily. But it was so generous of our friends and families to want to provide those things for when we do need them! This list contains the key products, besides the obvious essentials like diapers, wipes and endless onesies, that have gotten us through the precious newborn stage with more ease than I could have imagined.

*DISCLAIMER* I didn't have a baby shower, but if you are then by all means get stocked up on things that you don't need now but may need later. I also know that not every baby is the same and that's what makes these little humans so awesome! These small simple items just worked for my small simple man!


This wrap is comfort meets style. This is a more pricey option, but the quality of the fabric really holds up. Baby is always so snug and so cozy. We wear it whenever we go out shopping, on walks and just around the house. People don't tell you how important it is to wear your baby. They were in our bodies for 9 months, they crave that close contact. My baby falls asleep instantly and it's truly his favorite place to be.


HOLY. GRAIL. ITEM! This swaddle is life changing and I stand by that statement. We went through several swaddles forgetting that this was given to us as a gift. I hadn't heard of it in my search for swaddles which is entirely surprising because of how incredible it is. Inside, there are two arm flaps that secure down baby's arms to ensure they don't wake themselves up from their Moro reflex. Another pocket comes up from the bottom to hold their sweet legs in with plenty of room allowing healthy hip placement. And finally wraps around to keep it all secure and keep baby warm. Mamas, if you're on the hunt for a swaddle, save yourself the time and get yourself this one. I promise you won't regret it. This played a HUGE role in getting my newborn to sleep through the whole night at 5 weeks.


Simple and effective. A healthy and holistic alternative that treats baby's every need. Diaper rash, drool rash, dry skin, moisturizer..anything. It's also hypoallergenic, preservative and fragrance free which is amazing for a baby with sensitive skin, like mine!


The name says it all. Sometimes diaper rash is uncontrollable and needs a stronger ointment to keep baby comfortable. This product is safe and effective and a little goes a long way. Instantly soothes the irritation and improves the rash within 3 hours!


This product looks weird and let's be real it kind of is. But it's the best! Any contents you get out of the nose WILL NOT make its way to your mouth. The filter prevents that! I so so SO prefer this over the bulb suckers they give you at the hospital. I can control how far up the nose it goes and I know I'm not causing my baby any discomfort.


I recommend this to every mama to be I know. It's super handy to keep by the bed in the first few weeks while your milk production settles in. We all know engorgement can be so rough and this pump is so amazing to relieve pressure without telling your body to make too much more than your baby needs.


Let's be real, I get nervous cutting my own nails. I cannot even think about cutting the teeny tiny nails on my baby. Filing is so much safer and just as effective to keep those sharp little things smooth to the touch so baby isn't scratching themself or YOU.


Oh MAN. White noise has been a saving grace. I linked the machine we use above but there are several out there. Whatever machine you choose to buy will work I'm sure. Just make sure you get one. It puts the fussiest of babies to sleep and helps to keep them asleep. This was something that took me trial and error to realize we needed. The one linked on Amazon also plays other soothing sounds as well as lullabies!


We all know nights with a newborn can be the biggest challenge. Sometimes they are fussy for reasons we cannot figure out. Whether they are colicky or not, I found this gripe water to be extremely soothing for baby. This gripe water is all natural and very calming on their tummy to relieve the discomfort and help them sleep! This brand also sells a daytime gripe water, but I've only used this one for the night.


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