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Do you feel like you are no longer in the driver seat of your own life?
Do you want and need to make some changes but not sure what or how?
Do you know that you could use some support and guidance to get started, but you’re just too busy right now to commit to regular meetings or a group program?
This flexible self coaching program is a great start to recovery from burnout and building a life you love.

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Erin McBride Johnson MD

Hello I'm Erin and I've been practicing emergency medicine for a little over a decade. During my training and years of practice I have been up and down a roller coaster of burnout, trying various methods to find “balance”, with varying degrees of success along the way. That adds up to almost 15 years fighting a personal battle with burnout! While I wouldn't say I have it all figured out, I have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t as well as what traditional coaching and advice around burnout misses as it applies to me and many women physicians.

A few years ago, I took a health coaching certification course when I was thinking of transitioning to an independent practice in functional medicine. While that didn’t pan out, I did fall in love with coaching and it just took me awhile to realize I am meant to coach women who are on a similar path to mine; women physicians who are heading toward or struggling with burnout.

As I’m building this practice, I’ve discovered there are quite a few others doing similar work and I think that is awesome! Most women physicians I know could use support and not enough are getting it so it would be hard for there to be too many of us! What I feel makes me unique is my use of embodiment practices and nervous system regulation, which I use as tools to help support mindset work, boundary setting, and mindfulness for burnout healing and prevention.

Outside of work I live on a farm with my husband of 15 years and an ever evolving number of animals (last count: 4 dogs, 6 chickens, 1 mean rooster, 6 horses, and a tortoise). Hopefully we will soon be adding bees to the list of creatures we take care of!

Hiking, reading a good novel (magical realism is my fav), laughing around the bonfire with my girlfriends, exploring new places, dancing in my kitchen, and live music with people I love are some of my favorite things.

Some of my (many) quirks:
I don’t watch tv
I don’t like ketchup OR pepperoni
I have extremely light sensitive eyes so photos of me outdoors are either squinty or wearing sunglasses
I’m learning to play mandolin
Building with Legos is one of my favorite wind down activities!


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