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I should be on a plane right now. Literally. As you’re reading this I’m probably checking flights. I don’t even like planes, but I love to travel. As a kid, I spent summers traveling with my family. That’s where my wanderlust came from, and probably my interest in cultural education too. 15+ countries later and I haven’t stopped traveling yet.

Somewhere between Hampton University and starting a family, I became a teacher. And then an Assistant Principal. Through my experience in and out of the classroom I realized: educators have waaaay more of an impact on tiny humans than most of us realize (or maybe even care to admit)!

Today I’m a Leadership & Teacher Development Coach, Edupreneur, and a champion for educators and students of color. Working with educators to help identify their teaching superpowers and then using them to ignite their students unique gifts is what I was born to do. I help educators build confidence in their craft, and ultimately themselves, so that our beautiful black and brown youngins can be profoundly impacted in ways that no one would have ever imagined.

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