About Erin

Is a Minnesota-based creative.

With little formal education in photography or graphic design, what started as a hobby soon blossomed into a career. Since Erin started as a landscape photographer, she wasn’t really sure what she was getting into when she decided to take up portraits as well. Because of this, she started to take self-portraits as preparation for the “real models”. Which soon caught the eye of “Moon Magazine” (a publication based out of Minneapolis), and “Warby Parker” (a world-renowned eyeglass company) which featured Erin’s self-portraits in a monthly issue. To this day, she continues to push herself, and boundaries, with her creative selfies.

The design part of Erin came into play a few years before photography did. In high school, Erin took an independent art class where she decided graphic design should be her focus all term. Without much knowledge of design before this point, this gave her the opportunity to teach herself what and what not to do in the design world. After that, she was hooked. Erin did however take a hiatus from design for a few years, so teaching herself photography could be her primary focus. Erin recently realized that part of her heart was still in design and decided to take the leap back in. And she is so glad she did! Today, Erin values simplicity in her designs and is inspired by old comics and her favorite show, Mad Men.

Erin currently studies theater, with an emphasis in directing, at Century College. Erin has assistant directed “Thoroughly Modern Millie”, “The Little Mermaid”, "Shrek: The Musical" and has directed “Radium Girls” and "Tracks" at Chisago Lakes High School.