Hi I’m Erintheedgychick

I’m all about fashion and makeup 💄

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My passion used to be just fashion, now I’ve added Seint Beauty!

Allow me to first take a quick moment and introduce myself.
My name is Erin Katz, I'm obsessed with fashion.
Most of my focus in life has been around fashion but recently I decided to explore the world of makeup. Still considering myself somewhat of a newbie, I have found it to be my second passion.

Aside from being totally obsessed with makeup and fashion here is a bit more about me.

I have 2 rescue pitbulls aka my fur kids! Pierre and Gemma, They are easily distracting but help me get through most days when I have alot going on. They also both have their own instagrams pages.

Circling back to fashion, I love fashion and creating outfits, and sharing my styles with everyone I meet.

With Makeup, prior to recently I've never played with makeup in the past. I thought it was all too complicated and time consuming, but that was until I discovered the makeup line Seint beauty!

Being involved with Seint changed my perspective on makeup and simplified things alot. I am excited to play with makeup just like I’m excited to play with fashion!

I'm hoping I can show you how easy and how fun Seint beauty makeup can be!
It’s so easy to use, so why not!

Hope to be working with you very soon on your journey with your style.