Esmeralda Ofelia Rodriguez

Marketing Partner with Monat

Hello beautiful! Welcome, I’m so glad you stopped by. You will find endless information from post to live stories and videos on how I do my hair care/ Skincare on a daily basis using an amazing organic anti aging, cruelty free, fragrance free Product and running a business all at the same time. You’re probably wondering why? Why did she take this opportunity. Well I began as an assistant Manager making the bare minimum pay doing more then I was paid for. Literally would have $6-$12 every two weeks after bills were paid. I was always starving some days and exhausted because we was a concourse. Sometimes a 9-5 isn’t what you want forever. I would come home and just sleep I wouldn’t have energy for errands or even to spent time with my family because I was always mentally drained. I was then introduced to this amazing opportunity to work from anywhere! All over my social media. I was so skeptical at first because what job pays you 5x a month! Plus great benefits. Well fast forward I now do Monat full time anywhere with WIFI. It has given me so much time with my family and able to not miss a moment in life with them instead I’m bringing them along the journey! I am enjoying what I do everyday because I empower women & men of any age to become the best version of themselves starting with making them feel beautiful. And secondly building a empire for them side by side. This become more then a Business opportunity it became family. If you want to learn more please contact me directly and let’s talk! 💗