Five things I absolutely like about you

ONE — I love how you talk about your passion and explaining stuff I dont understand to me. It makes me so excited too seeing your fiery and ✨✨ eyes 🥺

TWO — I like how clingy you are to me. I love it when you seek my attention and manja manja with me. ABSOLUTELY BABY

THREE — I like how big your hands are compare to mine. I feel safe when I hold it

FOUR — I like it when you get protective of me over other guys. It makes me feel cared for and wanted

FIVE — I like your voice. I dont get why you always said you hated it because I absolutely like it. Your mornint voice??? Gets me everytime. Please talk to me forever 🥺💖

I know you love themm


Because we are the same person

PC Build

I've grown interested in it too, because of you. May God ease us rezk so we can have couple sets!

Ayam masak merah

I swear I'll try to do my best to make it suits your tastebud.


I am second when it comes to your games 🥺 but thats ok bc you love it


I dont think this require any explanation


Why four when you like more??

Clothes you'll look good in

— In me

Thing I wish you'd change about yourself

Uhm I wish you would be true to your own self. What I mean by that was I wish you were sure about your own feelings first before it get mingled up and hurt other people again (me). I wish by being true to yourself, at least you know what actually want in your life. If you are scared of commtment, this will help in realizing things. I wish by being true to yourself, you'll realize a lot of things and at least you will realize how much have I tried my best when it comes to you. Being true to yourself might help you seeing things more. I wish everything happened didnt have to happened. I wish you can come to term to your own self before you selfishly lash it out on other people. I wish you'd stay true to yourself and me. For the sake of us. :)

Love, Lia —