Magic shop is like a home; Comfort indeed; Healing; And a feeling of being saved from being lost

Life not of G but Grace Espineli flashes by It must have been full of regret with no hope till I die
My writing was like nothing
Blaming my dream, asking why I live and breathe
Yea time goes by
Sixteen years of anguish come out finallly
Oppressions all resolved Into my heart come answers from my most trusted...
I finally learn how to lovemyself.


Inspiring people to go on is hard, especially when they want to give up. And luckily, I found these seven angels of mine
I finally learn how to focus on myself and love it more
Most of the time, I am alone
I remember I found seokjin and jungkook look a like
Im inlove with hobi's laugh
He's a ray of sunshine
He's my bias, but now
I think there's no bias that existing
The 7 of them got my heart really.
7 Is their lucky number indeed
During the darkest night, no one was there
When I needed someone the most, they left me alone
And as someone introduce them to me,
I am at the most vulnerable time of my life
I found comfort in their music
I found myself in their music
Once, I was lost
I found their Magic shop
Magic shop that brought me to happiness
And there, when they appears
I knew in myself, I can be happier
I ask myself, How can I be addicted like this?
And then I found the answers
They just stay when no one else was
They might not know what u are going thru
But they comfort you by bringing music directly in your heart
And there it is, your soul is shining
Your lips is smiling
You keep on glowing


2019 was the year, a new boy group will be shown
Their audition did not go in public and starting January they were revealed
Someone caught my eye first, his name is Hueningkai
A ray of sunshine from Hawaii
Yes he really is cute, I then found beomgyu and taehyun look a like
I think it takes me one week to distinguish the difference from each other
They debuted on March 4 2019
I literally watch them grow and Im proud
During my hard times in nursing, they are my stress reliever
I cried and laugh
But most of the time, they keep on ispiring me
I found comfort too
The group of tallest men,
with a precious and good heart
A leader who loves to eat bread
A noona who did not want to lose in game but loves ningning so much
A romantic man who cheats most in their show
A sweetest who clings in members so much
A nicest kid who loves his hyungs and plushies
A 5 member boy group full of talented and visuals
Their magic makes my soul shine


One of my classmate is fan of theirs
I clearly remember that I refuse to stan them because there are 9 members before
But then, thanks to pandemic Im a STAY now
Hyunjin caught my eye first and heart I guess
I only knew hyunjin, I can see his passion in dancing and he's good looking
He's the reason why I met another 7 man who makes my heart flutter
I started to watch their videos and found them funny and cute
Their elimination makes my heart broke into pieces
Hyunjin is my first bias, and again
I think now there is no such bias that existing,, again!
As I started to know everyone's story,
I started to love them with no exception
You'll be amazed by their leader
and everything
They really made an amazing group
and you'll never regret that you meet them
|You fell down for a moment, it’s okay I’ll help you get up, did you worry a lot? No no no it’s still your first time That’s okay, everybody has been through this.

If you’re thinking about stopping or quitting or “why is it so hard for me?” Stop thinking about these stupid thoughts Go run instead|

I found another home and comfort :')
You gonna fall inlove again


A new boy group was released again
They were shown in public
and Sunoo caught my eyes first
He's another ray of sunshine from Bighit Labels
As I know the names of 23 guys
Who runs for their dream,
Jay suddenly caught my heart and eye
And as I knew him more, I want to support him too
I found another home and comfort again
Their en-&hi is a kind of stress reliever
Their different attitude makes them unique
And their talents and visuals is not a joke
I was amazed by how their leader handle everything at young age
I am amazed again
Harsh words were thrown at them and they proved them wrong
|Thousands of doubts behind me
There are tens of thousands of distrusts behind me
But I go now I follow my dreams
Drive through the question for life
Between giving and taking
It's time for my proving
We've been waiting for that sky|
Their struggles really turn into something beautiful
May you find yours too. :))


This ain't me.. I guess

Have you tot,, you r doing fine
Not until midnight comes
It really is tiring,, same thing keeps on happening
When you are about to reach the line
Something keeps on pulling you back
And it's the past you want to forget
Is it just you want to forget?
Or you cannot let go
Forgetting and Letting go has a huge difference
You forget because you don't want to remember
You let go because you already accepted it
And there's this thing during midnight?
Scary isn't it??
You look on the other side ,
You woke up and same shit happens
You keep telling yourself what's wrong with you
And you cannot find the answer
Life is hard isn't it??
It's like swallong the pill you never want
It's like taking courage when u didn't even need it
Have you tot of " Omg I knew I was doing fine"
And this time comes,
he takes away all the positivity in your life
Then, you are alone now
having darkest night beside you
It keeps on destroying you
What should I do?
I am blinded by it, I can't see the light
Please, save me