The Ugly Truth Revealed

A note to self love

As humans, we often tend to hide the “ugly truth” within ourselves. This can be due to suppressed trauma, living up to abnormally high cultural and societal standards and expectations, pride and ego, or simply fear of being judged or rejected.

The real and honest way to come to terms with self is to acknowledge all of those ugly truths: feelings of uncertainty, judgement, loss, inadequacy, pain, fear, envy, jealousy, deceit and those unconscious voices in your head that continue to strike feelings of unworthiness.

It is important to realize that the “truth” is merely just a projection of what wish to see or no longer wish to be.

Most of the shame we feel as adults is majorly linked to inadequacies and trauma we faced during our childhood.. whether we lacked support of comfort from our parents or lack of a parent figure there of, abuse, lack of safety, nourishment, shelter, and love.

Therefore, as adults, we must realize that we are the gatekeepers to our overall quality of life. We have the power to shift our inner and outer perspectives. We have the power to shift how we interact with the world and others so that we don’t perpetuate the cycle of trauma. We have the power to put a band aid on our wounds and the pieces that we were missing as children and nurse ourselves back to health at our own individual pace.

We must treat ourselves with gentle care and ease, like that of a mother or father. We must place value on ourselves and finally understand that life is only a trial and as bright as you make it.

What has happened to you was never your fault. Who you used to be will never define you. Forgive yourself .. Take it in, accept it. Bask in it. Bathe in it. Cry in it.. and learn from it.

When you come to terms with whom you’re , you will then be able to approach and see life through a new lens and treat yourself, others and the world with full compassion.

I hope this helped.

Essence Thomas


A poem to the Black Woman.

Bruised with scars of scrutiny and pity the size of a penny.

I hold many burdens with pride on my back.

Rightful positions are filled with counterfeit integrity.

Prosecuted, I lay buried beneath, 10,000 feet of guilt.

My voice is muffled.

No one can hear me.

Most educated, not enough.

Buried so deep, I question my identity .

Buried so long ..So long that the world forgets who birthed it.

Battered with responsibility of a million.. yet nothing to show for but pretty words.

“Strong Black woman”

Until I am strong no more..

what is left for me, what is left of me?

- Essence Thomas

An oath to self care

One size does not fit all

Take time for yourself today to sit down, meditate, and ask yourself what you most desire and what you need in a spirtual, mental, and physical sense. As people who bustle all the hours of the day, it’s important to take a time of stillness. Meditation isn’t a concrete thing and there are many forms, such as praying, dreaming, bathing, experiencing nature, yoga, dancing, music, painting and much more. Mediation is finding a way to listen to what your heart, mind, and spirit is truly telling you and yearning for. You will obtain these messages by keeping a pure and open heart. Listen to your body, especially those who are ridden with anxiety. A part of mental health awareness is checking up on your spirit. A solid spiritual foundation will always play a major role in your entire well being. Whether you believe in a God or the universe, pray. Get right with yourself. Forgive yourself and your enemies. Let go of past transgressions and grudges. Eliminate the ego and cultivate more gratitude for the life you’re living and most importantly, pace yourself. It will get done.

I am more

I am more than just my body.. I am more than that. I am more than just my hair.. I am more than that. I am more than just my hips.. my buttocks.. my womb..I am more than just my attitude, my demeanor, my strength, my resilience..I am more than just a daughter, a sister, a friend, a lover, a healer, a consoler, a provider..I am more than just my knowledge, I am more than just my talents, I am more than just my brown, I am more than just my black, I am more than just my physical, I am more than that.

Inspire • Teach • Mentor

The importance of mentorship: The youth are the future, build them up!

As a future artist, mentor, and counselor , I vehemently believe that it is our duty to make a difference in the lives of youth.

It is crucial to support and prepare youth for future lives as leaders, creators, mentors, teachers, engineers, and artists alike.

In summer 2019, I had the privilege of working with a community church as an assistant camp director, staff and volunteer facilitator , as well as a dance and theatre coach. In just two months, I worked with volunteers to assist in the choreographic and theatrical production of a play. I got to work with children of all ages, backgrounds, personalities, and more .

Working with these children has taught me many lessons about .. and the impact the arts plays in the roles of these children’s lives.

It was very emotional on the last days due to building such close relationships with the youth and seeing their growth right before you.

Many had behavioral or physical disabilities.. etc and dance and theatre has really allowed me to connect with these students from a psychological aspect.

I believe mentorship or providing assistance to a child’s life is crucial because it positively molds them into an individual with a positive outlook on life and outcome.

You never know what these children are facing mentally, physically, or emotionally, whether it be financial or housing issues, abuse, developmental, behavioral or health issues and more that’s why it is important to really understand a child for whom they are and mold them into their best possible versions of themselves and help them see their potential.


Hey there!

My name is Essence Thomas and I’m a 22 year old creative located in Gainesville, FL. I was born in Hollywood FL, and raised in Miami, FL.

I am a dancer, poet, writer, blogger, entrepreneur, and abstract thinker. I create visual content such as dance films and self photography photo shoots. I have a brewing interest in all things that trigger the senses. I enjoy the process of merging these many mediums to create my own personal masterpiece.

A huge part of who I am is the ability to tell story’s through my art. I am very passionate about dance and the many themes, thoughts, discussions, emotions, and conversations that movement tends to bring out of me, which include: storytelling, acknowledging and unpacking trauma, evoking genuine emotions, healing, transparency, fluidity, and the ability to empower an audience.

For almost half of my life, I grew up in the foster care system. I found that dance was a stable way to keep me mentally and physically at bay while my life continued to spiral in an abyss of confusion and loss.

Today, I want to make it my duty to provide youth with similar experiences with a new found hope. I want to help those very children who feel they have no other option. Those who feel they have no one left to turn to, Those who are eager to learn but lack the resources. Those who were just like me when I needed it the most.

Therefore, I have created a non for profit , Creative Hands Guild, to provide free access to the arts.

As an aspiring youth counselor, dance teacher, and mentor, my overall mission is to empower at-risk, underprivileged, and fostered youth through mentorship, arts advocacy, education, and mental health.

All of these resources can provide a healthy outlet for the youth to positively impact their future and overall well beings.

To support and learn more about my non for profit, visit the link below!

Thank you for reading!

Creative Hands Guild