The Essentialist Method Grocery List for Debloating —

Struggling with bloating? Use this list as a helpful reference guide the next time you go grocery shopping.

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My Top Picks —

Here are a few of my favorite things:

HU Snacking & Baking Dark Chocolate Gems

Every so often, I will have a hankering for chocolate. I was making my own with cacao butter and cacao powder because I couldn’t find a clean chocolate. But I recently came across HU’s Dark Chocolate Gems and now keep them on-hand instead! I love the hexagonal shape—they really do seem like little gems!

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Eidon Ionic Minerals Magnesium Liquid Concentrate

Watch my Reels for how to make my Morning Magnesium Water which is anti-inflammatory and helps to reduce bloating.

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H&M Relaxed Silk Pants (Light Beige)

A few people asked me about a pair of ivory silk relaxed trousers in an outfit I posted in my Stories a few days ago. I got them last year from Zara. They’re no longer available but I found a dupe from H&M.

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Shichimi Togarashi by MARCH

MARCH is a very posh kitchenware boutique in SF. I can’t afford 90% of the things in that store but I sure do love to peruse! The one thing that I can afford, though, is their shichimi togarashi blend which comes in a chic black glass container.

Shichimi togarashi is a Japanese spice blend with tingly peppery floral notes and a slight nutty touch from the sesame seeds. This product is made in the USA and is very high quality. I can tell just by the potency of its aroma.

I love to sprinkle it on top of eggs or cottage/ricotta/goat cheese. You can use it with soups or in dry rubs for meats or as a seasoning or dip with seafood. It’s very versatile and adds a certain je ne sais quois.

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Crockpot Slow Cooker for 2+ ppl (2-qt.)

This is the smallest model in the Crockpot family if you don’t have a lot of counter space or if you are just feeding one or two people. It’s only $10.29. If you have been thinking of getting one, I’d say don’t hesitate—I have the 4.5-qt version and love mine! (I also linked the exact one I have.)

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Crockpot Slow Cooker for 5+ ppl (4.5-qt.)

One of my favorite things to do is slow-cook certain cuts of meat (shortribs, oxtail, chuck roast) and then place it underneath the broiler for a few minutes so it gets that crispy crust. I’ve been doing it in a Dutch oven on the stovetop but it requires some babysitting.

The Crockpot has been on my mind for a while now. I went to Target and chose this small round one because it’s just the perfect size to meal prep for 1-2 people for a few days. This will be more of a “set it and forget it” situation where you can choose to sear the meat (or not, apparently, you don’t need to) and then simply stick it in the Crockpot on low heat overnight with a bit of broth or water (or not—apparently, adding liquid is not necessary).

Voilà! When you wake up in the morning, you’ll be magically meal prepped for a few days!

This Crockpot is only $20.99 so it was also kind of a no-brainer for me.

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Kalahari Biltong Air-Dried Thinly Sliced Beef Variety Pack

New snack discovery alert! I haven’t gotten into beef jerky because most of them contain added sugar which I generally avoid. I just came across biltong and has to share with you. It’s a South African snack made of air-dried beef. It’s thinly sliced so it’s more like the Italian bresaola than it is a thick chewy jerky. The Kalahari brand is made in the USA and what I like is that it’s soy-, gluten-, and sugar-free. High protein, zero carbs.

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4505 Meats Cracklins (in Sea Salt flavor)

If you like salty and crunchy snacks, 4505 makes an excellent zero carb option. I like to dip these in avocado dip or as a “cracker” for chicken liver pâté. They also go well with chunks of aged gouda. Like any snack, be careful of how much you’re eating! (4505’s pork cracklings are made from humanely raised pigs with no added antibiotics or hormones.)

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OXO Good Grips Large Cookie Dough Scoop

No more messy hands when making meatballs—just use this cookie dough scoop!

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Freckles Mark Large 70’s-Style Aviator Sunglasses (in Tortoise Brown)

I love the retro vibes of this shape. It has a chic yet slightly masculine edge. The tortoise makes it super versatile so it goes with everything.

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5-in. Stainless Steel Ring Mold

This is my secret weapon for plating tartare. You can use it for rice or eggs or anything else you can think of!

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Tropic of C South Pacific Bikini Top

This is such a flattering bikini top that you can also wear as an actual top! I love how it has a push-up bustier effect to keep things, ahem, perky. Minimal with a retro twist!

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Tropic of C Curve Bikini Bottoms

This bottom can be worn high on the hips to elongate your legs. Not gonna lie it’s kind of amazing.

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The Undoing — a sermon by Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts

This is a powerful message for anyone who is going through a transition and is afraid of becoming undone and starting over. Prepare to be changed.

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Turandoss Heart Initial Layered Anklet (14K gold filled)

I love having a delicate touch of adornment around the ankle especially during the summer when you’re wearing shorts, dresses, swimwear, etc.

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Nike Air Zoom Structure 24

If you’re looking for a shoe for your fat-burning powerwalks, I highly recommend the Nike Air Zoom Structures.

This is my THIRD pair of the these! I keep coming back to them because they’re super comfortable and reliable so I don’t have to think about it too much. They usually last me about 2-4 years—depending on how active I am!

(They’re a running shoe but I use them for my walks. They are great on the treadmill or on the road/asphalt. If you do trails, I would look for one with a thicker tread.)

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SOJOS Cat-Eye Polarized Sunglasses

These sunglasses are trendy and classic all at once. They’re basically a knock-off of the CÉLINE ones that every style influencer has. I normally wouldn’t condone buying knock-offs but I’ve lost a pair of CÉLINE sunglasses one summer and it was devastating. With these, I don’t have to worry or have a heart attack if they’re lost or misplaced.

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Plackers Twin-Line Dental Flossers

I found out about these flossers from my brother-in-law @nick_mcc_. They get your teeth so clean thanks to the double line of floss. I actually look forward to flossing lol

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SKIMS Cotton Plunge Bralette (in Soot)

SKIMs is the 2020’s version of what Calvin Klein underwear was in the 1990’s.

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SKIMS Cotton Rib Briefs (in Soot)

These briefs have a masculine-feminine retro edge and I’m here for it.

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SKIMS Cotton Rib Thermal Leggings

Most of my leggings are workout or athleisure. These are specifically made for lounging around—and lounging around, I shall!

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AWS/American Made Store Thick Scrunch Socks (in White)

I’ve been obsessed with these socks ever since seeing Kim Basinger wearing them in “9 1/2 Weeks.” (She wears it with a fluffy bathrobe in the famous kitchen scene.) They’ve become a part of my at-home look. Comfy, cozy and—depending on what else you wear or don’t wear—I think they can be a bit sexy too!

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Hane’s Full-Zip Eco-Smart Hoodie (in Light Steel)

I saw a very stylish girl wearing this exact hoodie layered under a trench coat. (It has such a CELINE FW2021 vibe—check out Look 3 & 8 from the runway show and you’ll see what I mean.) When she told me that she ordered it from Amazon and it was only $13, I was gobsmacked and ordered one for myself right away. It’s an easy outer layer to wear around the house, to run local errands in, or to bring with me to the beach.

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Riddle Original Roll-On Fragrance Oil

After years of searching, I’ve finally found my signature scent: Original by Riddle.

This is the kind of perfume for a person who doesn’t necessarily like perfume, if that makes any sense. It’s super clean and subtle and yet it’s the kind of scent that you can’t stop thinking about. There’s an element of mystery to it.

I like that it’s oil-based because it lasts longer on your skin compared to alcohol-based perfumes. The latter may have more of a powerful initial presence but it evaporates within 1-3 hours. Oil-based perfumes have less fillers so what you smell is more accurate. They meld with your own body chemistry and “unfold”—lasting on your skin up to 15 hours.

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Vince White Scoop Neck Tank

I’ve had this tank since 2014 and it’s still a go-to!

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Citizens of Humanity Charlotte High-Rise Crop Straight Jeans

I wear these jeans the most—such a flattering and easy silhouette. They remind me of the perfect vintage Levi’s without having to dig through a vintage shop. My exact jeans are the non-cropped version but they sold out. These are the same style—except cropped. I think they would be super cute with sneakers and sandals!

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Birkenstock Black Leather Narrow Arizona Sandals

I think the all-black version of these Birkenstocks is so chic.

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Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Penelope Pink


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Little Giraffe Chenille Robe

This is my piece of heaven! I wear this cozy cloud 24/7 👼🏻

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Ocean’s Balance Organic Whole Leaf Dulse

Seaweed is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. The amazing thing is that, unlike terrestrial plants, seaweed offers an array of nutrients that are bioavailable.

Dulse contains iodine, iron, protein and vitamin B12. I love to crisp it in a skillet with ghee to make a crunchy and salty vegan snack.

Of course, it’s super important where the seaweed is harvested from. This brand sustainably harvests theirs from the pristine waters of the Gulf of Maine.

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Everlane 90’s Cheeky Denim Short

I’m into the longer version of the denim short these days. These look equally good with Birkenstocks, sneakers or heels. (They’re selling fast so I would try to catch a pair!)

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Everlane Organic Cotton Box-Cut Tee

Can’t get more Essentialist than a great white tee. (You can also purchase a set of 3 for $45!)

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Nike Plus Cushion White Crew Socks (6-pk.)

These are my favorite socks to work out in. They also work great on their own on a smooth hard floor when doing glider/slider exercises. I love that it’s a 6-pack too, so I always know I have a fresh pair on-hand.

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BestLand Finishing Hair Finishing Stick

I have so many baby hairs and flyaways that I used to never wear my hair in a ponytail because I could never seem to get that sleek look! That all changed when my sister @jacklyndang introduced me to this product. It’s made from natural plant oils and has a silky, serum-like consistency. (It’s not like a thick gel or cream.) And there’s just enough product on the wand so that it doesn’t look greasy. Super easy to use and holds my hair in place!

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Pork Panko

Pork Panko is a zero-carb, gluten-free, nut-free alternative to using breadcrumbs. It is literally made with two ingredients: pork rinds and salt. I have used it to make chicken schnitzel, meatballs, or as a crispy topping for broiled seafood. Even though I don’t use it regularly, it’s a versatile ingredient for me to have in my pantry when I’m in the mood to be creative!

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Country Life Activated Charcoal Capsules

I first started experimenting with activated charcoal in my 20’s when I was given a package of bamboo charcoal powder from Japan as a gift. It was a bit messy back then—I used to mix it into my water and would drink it as a way to detoxify my system.

I recently rediscovered activated charcoal as a way to relieve bloating. These capsules are made from coconut shells burned at a high temperature, which creates a porous texture and a negative electric charge to absorb toxins and gases trapped in your gut. They actually bind to the charcoal and get eliminated as waste so that you don’t re-absorb them.

Another use: Open 2-3 capsules and mix it with a bit of coconut oil. Brush your teeth with the mixture to whiten your teeth!

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Aura Cacia Eucalyptus Clearing Roll-On Essential Oil

I truly believe in the power of aromatherapy. Eucalyptus has this incredible awakening effect that clears negative energy and thoughts. I like to dab this oil on all of my pressure points. Every morning, I rub it into the palms of my hands, close my eyes and take a deep inhale. It works wonders. I feel like I have a clean slate with which to start the day.

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Zara Short Polo Bodysuit/Romper

Here is the exact romper that I have. In case it’s sold out in your size, check out the dupe that I found from Urban Outfitters.

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UO Remi Ribbed Polo Romper (in Black)

I love the sporty and chic vibe of this stretchy ribbed knit design. Perfect for the farmers’ market with a cute basket bag and flat sandals or keep it fresh with white sneakers and aviators!

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H&M Ribbed Tank Top (in Light Beige)

I tried to look for the exact top I have but it looks like it sold out. This one is very similar. I like how it looks like knitwear but the material is nice and lightweight for the summer months.

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H&M Ribbed Flared Leggings (in Light Beige)

I love this high-waisted flared legging because it’s a super flattering cut. It comfortable enough to lounge in yet stylish enough to wear out. I’m all about versatile pieces! I mostly have black leggings so this is a nice light option to add to my wardrobe.

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Zulay Kitchen MilkBoss Electric Milk Frother

I use this tool every morning to blend unsalted grass-fed butter into my coffee for a smooth and foamy finish. Can’t live without it!

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Grande Lash MD Lash Growth Serum

I used to have overplucked eyebrows and sparse short lashes… Not anymore! This serum totally saved my brows. They grew back full and back into their natural shape. And my lashes have grown so long as well. I swear by this product.

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NUUN Sport Hydration Tablets (in Lemon Lime)

I am notoriously bad at drinking water and keeping myself hydrated. Did you know that water alone doesn’t hydrate you? It’s the electrolytes that carry the water to the cells that need it.

When I add these tablets to my glass, I notice that I drink water more regularly. It has a refreshing lemon line flavor and makes my water a bit fizzy which I like!

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Native Forest Unsweetened Organic Coconut Milk (No Guar)

Guar gum is a thickening agent made from legumes, which can cause gas and bloating in individuals with sensitive digestive systems—it’s best to avoid! I like this particular brand because they offer a version of unsweetened organic coconut milk with no guar gum whatsoever. I like to make coconut jelly with this coconut milk, as well as froth it into my coffee from time to time to change things up.

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Hafsa Moroccan Kessa Exfoliation Mitt

This kessa works best when your skin is amply softened and moist from a long hot shower or bath. Give yourself a good scrub from head to toe and say farewell to all of the dead skin. Your skin will feel smooth like butter!

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American Health Original Papaya Enzyme Chewable Tablets

Papaya contains a digestive enzyme called papain which breaks down protein. Since my diet is rich in protein and fat, these tablets come in handy after a meal when I don’t have fresh papaya on-hand. They taste just like papaya too!

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Kitchen Spurtles (5-pc. Set)

“What in the world is a spurtle?”, you may be wondering. “And do I really need one?”

As basic as it looks, the spurtle has become an indispensable tool in my kitchen. You can use it to stir, sauté, taste, scoop, spread, flip and more. Yes, you not only need one but the complete 5-piece set.

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About —

What is The Essentialist Method?

Hi there! I’m Jessica Dang. Nice to meet you!

If you clicked my link, chances are:

(A) You’re frustrated with bloating issues and weight fluctuations.
(B) My content resonated with you.

I’m glad you’re here because I can’t wait to share more with you!

Over the years, I experienced a painful scraping sensation and puffy stomach after meals. It happened so often that I convinced myself it was normal. Guess what? It’s not.

So I made it my personal mission to delve into the wellness space to learn about the fundamentals of nutrition, digestion and how our body metabolizes energy. I’ve also explored different diet principles and debloating techniques by experimenting on myself.

Through this process, I learned that being on a diet is highly dynamic. Likewise, the underlying causes of bloating goes far beyond what’s on your plate. Making key lifestyle changes made just as much of a difference as being mindful of what I ate.

My discovery led me to create The Essentialist Method, a holistic 3-prong approach to manage and eliminate bloating which includes:

+ Essentialist Diet, a nutrient-dense, low-carb and anti-inflammatory diet that is aimed towards nourishing the body

+ Essentialist Moves, which incorporates long walks and low-intensity movements that lengthen, strengthen and tone

+ Essentialist Rituals, which establishes grounding routines and rituals like gua sha, aromatherapy, dry brushing, breathing exercises and DIY lymphatic drainage massage techniques

My goal was to reset my body, find my natural baseline and stabilize my results. After testing and refining the method, I’ve been able to achieve consistent results and am now at a point where I feel comfortable sharing it with others.

This method has been life-changing for me. Focusing on the essentials has allowed me to reconnect with my intuition and live with ease and grace. I have more energy, mental clarity and time. Best of all, I finally feel comfortable in my own skin.

My method is designed for individuals in overall good health—with no underlying conditions—who experience bloating due to diet or lifestyle reasons.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, health practitioner, dietician or nutrition. All of the information I am sharing is based on my own personal interest, research and experience. Before you make any changes to your health, please consult your doctor.