Hi! I’m Paige!

Welcome to Essentially Centered!!

Before I dive into telling you about how my life drastically changed starting in January 2018, I think it’s important for you to get an accurate idea of who I am.
•I’m a perfectionist.
•I have a crazy amount of energy.
•I need to be busy like ALLLL the time! (Seriously, if I have downtime I’m either bored or feeling guilty for not using my time wisely...)
•I average 5 hours of sleep.
•I was a “music department kid” in high school, so I love musicals and musical theater!
•I’m a dancer and a dance teacher!
•I teach middle/high school Special Education.
•I’m a total math geek.
•And I LOVE helping people!!!
Any of this sound like you?! Read on, friends!

I’ve always thought of myself as a positive, helpful, capable person with an incredible amount of love and energy to give to those around me, especially those I love the most and involved in things I love the most (aka my relationships and work). I did that. All the time.

Needless to say, it was EXHAUSTING, especially because many of the things I was doing did not benefit me in return. This sounds selfish to me. I don’t do things for others just to get something in return. Even if it hurt my self-respect, self-esteem, and health in general, I’d do for others/my work. Did you know that’s actually not healthy? Like, expecting something/someone in your life to respect you and fill your cup at least equally to the amount of energy you put in, if not more, is not selfish. Once I figured that out, my life started changing. And it all started when I started using Young Living Essential Oils.

When I hit my personal rock bottom, I was in a mutually detrimental relationship, in my first full-time school teaching job in a city (where it was perfect on paper and suffocating in practice), constantly sick, at my heaviest body weight, experiencing anxiety and depression symptoms that needed support from medication, learning how to be an adult and no longer a student on the heels of finishing my masters, trying to make everyone around me happy, and struggling to find joy in my dancing and dance teaching (the thing that has ALWAYS been my safety). Like I said earlier, I’m a very busy person. I do a lot. All the time. But for the first time in my life, I couldn’t handle anything anymore.

One of my very good friends recognized this internal struggle and pressure I was putting on myself to try to stay in all of these situations and make it work. She told me she had something that might work for my situation and help me feel better. She asked me to come to a class with her and just listen. I said, “I’m so busy, I don’t have time to try to fit another thing into my life!” And she said, “If it’s for you, I promise it will fit into your life effortlessly.” I said okay, and went to this class with her after a long day of teaching.

I listened about how these little bottles of plants could benefit my overall health and well-being, and learned about all the junk and nastiness in all of the medications I’d been pumping into my system to deal with all my symptoms and ailments, rather than concentrating on the root of the problem. (And that those toxins, in turn, were making new and worse symptoms...) I learned that Young Living is the world leader in essential oils, with the Seed to Seal promise that made them the most powerful and high quality oils on the market. They don’t mess around. You get what you pay for, and this is the cream of the crop.

I thought about it for a minute, and if my wallet could handle the investment. Then I asked myself, “Can I really put a price on my health and happiness?” This is an incredible product, so if I was going to do it, I was going to do it right! So, I took the plunge, bought a starter kit of oils with a diffuser, and got the ball rolling on changing my life. That small initial investment has returned itself in ways I never would have expected! These oils helped me take a breath, take a step back, think logically, pump my body with powerful plants that would work to boost my immune system, get my hormones back on track without endocrine disrupting toxins, and slowly strengthen my self-confidence and voice.

Oils are not medication, and cannot treat medical conditions. However, they can support our body systems for us to naturally get our bodies to a healthy place. Within 6 months, I was no longer needing medicinal support for my mental health. Within 10 months, I recognized that my teaching situation was unhealthy and left to start to find the right fit. Within 14 months, I was moving on and building a loving relationship with myself and finding my strength and independence, and soon after found the person that supports and loves that about me! All of this change, immensely helped my dancing and choreography, giving me new creative topics to explore through movement. And, most importantly, I felt like a stronger, more determined, and happier version of myself than I ever thought possible!

Essential oils and Young Living changed my life. All I want is to empower you to take the leap like I did, make a complete 180, and (re)gain control of your life. I’ll be here every step of the way, cheering you on! So what do you say friend? You in?