Essentially Erica

My name is Erica, I'm your next Virtual Assistant!

As a virtual assistant, I am a resource to free up my client’s time and headspace to focus on matters that will accelerate the growth of a business and increase revenue. A new and growing company cannot be successful alone. I am here to help you move forward to success and relieve clients of the struggles they are facing in their business. Don’t let the small things be the reason why your business doesn't take off!

I’ve spent the last 15+ years in the tech and customer service world growing my career in quality customer care, administrative tasks, project management, and consultative sales. I've proven my ability to exceed expectations in the corporate world and that is why I'm here.

It’s really fulfilling for me to be able to help people thrive and add value to not only their business but their lives. I would love to work with small businesses, such as small business store fronts, and newer entrepreneurs.


Hello. I am Erica Green!

Based right here in North Carolina 

🌒 Just a little bit about me… I’ve been in the customer service field for a little over 14 years, and that ranges from corporate support, tech support, order handling, sales and even service technician support! I held many leadership roles as well.

🌓 I went to North Carolina A&T State University, majoring in Computer Science (I’ve kinda always had a thing for computers and how they work)

🌔 I love to travel!!!✈...I will say the Dominican Republic was my favorite destination so far! The views and serenity can not be beaten. 

🌕 I am a mother of one smart, driven, and silly teenage daughter

🌖 A few of my favorites things to do normally include... binge watching Netflix, taking photos of nature, trying new foods,  and finding new places to discover… Waterfalls are my weakness!⛲

🌓 My top 5 strengths are : A Philomath, coaching, brainstorming, problem solving, & strategy.

🌗 August Virgo, Type 5w6, and ISFJ-T

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