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Hi Friends!

I am so glad you found me! My name is Steph and i’m an Essential Oil loving - natural minded mum. I live in New South Wales just over the hill from Canberra in Australia.

I love to travel but am also a homebody!.

I’m a wife & girl mum to two beautiful daughters (4 and 7), we are currently starting our second build journey but this time on acreage! We have a couple highland cows & plan to add chickens, alpacas & maybe some donkeys to the mix!

Dogs are my favourite animal and my golden retriever girl dog Dally is the best. I love the ocean and late night chats (the kind where you talk about anything and everything).

I started my wellness journey almost 5 years ago now! - It wasn’t until finding Young Living though that I realised the amount of green washing going on in the personal care products industry and that the products I thought were clean, eco or “natural”, were actually still a chemical toxic soup of products! I had always trusted that companies were doing the right thing and that rigorous safety testing of products was done. But they weren’t and I was wrong.

Fast forward to having kids, and suddenly I was in charge of the health and futures of my two little girls and I take that seriously! My focus shifted!

When I found Young Living almost 4 years ago I was skeptical that a company could have almost everything I need in one place and create products that were natural, safe and non toxic and actually work! But after I got my kit and got plugged into the amazing oily community in our broader team I learnt how to use my oils & how they could support me & my family daily and I was sold! Now i don’t know how I would live without them!

Since joining Young Living we have ditched the toxins room by room - month by month. The kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms - we've filled our home with these beautiful oils and all the products that do our bodies so much good and removed all those that were causing us harm.

My skin is now glowing, the kids are sleeping better and have less tantrums & fights, I have more energy and have products to support our wellness.....mamas out there if you're not yet using oils, you're doing life wayyyyy too hard! There are so many reasons why being a Young Living member will change your LIFE that I just can’t list them all here but once you know you know!.

If you are ready to jump in and get started on your low tox journey with me i’ll take your hand and we can do this together, you never have to sell an oil in your life but I can’t promise you won’t want to!

This “job” i get to do is the best thing I have ever done and it truely doesn’t feel like work at all, the saying I always thought was cliché but turns out it’s actually true - if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life and i’m so truly thankful that I found not only this amazing company to fill our home with these low tox products and oils but also my calling in life to help others do the same.

If you are ready i’m here for you every step of the way!

How to sign up with Young Living (YL)

How to sign up to YL with me

Go to Young Living website, choose your country then click BECOME A MEMBER.

You can choose whether to enroll as a member or a retail customer. To begin your membership, choose MEMBER on the left. This is the most beneficial way for you to purchase products with a 24% discount.

Then you’ll need to enter the Member ID of the person who referred you - mine is - 17107266 . In most cases, these will be the same number. Your sponsor is the person who is going to help you with your Young Living experience, while the enroller is the person who introduced you to Young Living. To sign up with me enter 17107266 for both Enroller & Sponsor.

Begin by choosing your Starter Bundle. There are a variety of Bundles available, so check out the other specialty Bundles (select the appropriate tab to view them) if you’d like to learn more about each kit.

The oils Starter Bundles gives you the option to choose the diffuser you’d like with your Bundle.


you can scroll down to “customise an order” select 100pv worth of products then continue with your sign up!

You’ll also have the option here to choose to become an Essential Rewards member and get points every time you shop that you can apply to future purchases (you can cancel anytime with no fees).

When you click Yes, you’ll have the opportunity to use your starter bundle (and any other products you purchase today) as your first Essential Rewards order. Next, you can choose what you’d like in your regular monthly Essential Rewards order (this can be changed later and each month).

Once you’ve chosen the products for your Essential Rewards (monthly) order, you can either add more products to your first order (aside from your ER order) or just click “Next” to continue to the next step.

Fill in all of your information and create a username, password & pin to manage your account. Note this down somewhere safe.

As a member you have the ability to make commissions from anyone that signs up under your member id. Entering this information here is super helpful when tax time rolls around but not necessary at the start if you don’t wish to add these details. After that, agree to the Terms and Conditions and continue.

Simply choose your shipping method and enter your payment info. Your card won’t be charged until the next screen.

Next you will be able to review all your information and taken to checkout. If you have any questions, please contact me and i’ll be glad to help.

Young Living

Want to learn more before you join?

Follow @essentiallywildtribe for FREE low tox living classes & more info

Or get started now 👇🏻

Want to get your products & oils paid for?

1. Love your oils & low tox products (this is an important first step! When you love a product you are naturally going to want to tell your friends and family because that's what we do as women, men, mothers, fathers, friends...humans)

2. Tell your friend/family member what the oils are and why you love them

3. If they want to experience the oils and become a member (like you did) then you can send them your personalised link (via text or email)
Your friends can then sign up through you – online, just like you signed up under your friend or family member!

Where do I find my personalised link?
• Young Living website - log in with your user name and password Go to "Virtual Office"
• Go to "Member Resources"
• Go to "Link Builder"
You can then cut/copy your personalised link from this page and pass it on to those who have asked you where to get the amazing oils/products you've been using.
When your friends do sign up as members – they will also receive exactly what you are receiving; that wonderful 24% discount on all products and you will receive a thank-you credit/cheque (which you will see the following month within your Virtual Office under Commissions or you can receive a cheque in the mail - the choice is yours).

You can then use these commissions/credits/cash to pay for all your natural household products, make up, beauty products, essential oils and any other Young Living products.

I will mention that you do not need to be "in the business" in order to get these "thank-you cheques" and you do not need to pay money to become a distributor. You are already a member, so it's as simple as sharing a link to help your friends and family benefit from these products just as you are.

However if you would like to know more about the business side of Young Living please send me a message and we can chat about this amazing opportunity.
In the meantime you can check out the Compensation Plan to learn more about how Young Living works from a business perspective.

Start your business journey

Click the link below to join me & you will get personally mentored by me

By signing up through me, you join my team full of all kinds of amazing resources.

We have a wonderful community just waiting to welcome you with open arms - private Facebook & Instagram groups aswell as an exclusive free team app which will help you familiarise yourself with your oils and to learn new uses and recipes for them.

You can draw on the experience of all the other oilers to assist you in your oils journey.

You will also have access to an exclusive self paced business mentorship that I will help teach you how to go through & will be here to answer any questions.

When you get started you will receive a welcome email from me to plug you into all this as well as:
+ our low tox life book with tons of info and exclusive recipes
+ a welcome pack with an oily pouch and few little gifts to help get you started on your oily low tox journey straight away
+ personal referral link that you can pass along to your friends and family when they want oils too which will happen (it can really be that simple!)

Comfort food

Cob loaf recipe (with vegan option)

1 cob loaf
spring onions chopped (about 1 cup worth)
1 red onion chopped finely
1 tsp olive oil
250g frozen spinach thawed
30g packet French onion soup mix (make sure vegan if vegan) or make the soup mix recipe I have also included at the bottom of this post is vegan friendly (only need 30g worth so you can store the rest in a jar for another time).
1 cup of mayonnaise (or vegan option)
1 tub of sour cream (or vegan option) or 1 tub of cream cheese (or vegan option)
salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 200 degrees celsius and line a baking tray with baking paper.
Cut a big hole in the top of the cob loaf and remove the centre filling and some bread from the inside edges.
Pull apart the bread you have removed into bite size pieces and place around the cob loaf and lid on the lined baking tray.
Heat the oil in a frypan, add the spring onion, red onion, garlic and stir until it starts to brown.
Add the spinach, soup mix, vegan sour cream or vegan cream cheese, mayonnaise, salt and pepper. Stir and cook for a few minutes until fully combined.
Fill the cob loaf with the dip and place in oven for 8-10 minutes or until the bread is golden.

French Onion soup mix recipe
1/2 cup dried Onion Flakes
1 teaspoon Onion Powder
1 teaspoon Garlic Powder
1/2 teaspoon Pepper
1 teaspoon dried parsley
1 teaspoon Himalayan or sea salt (optional)
1 teaspoon turmeric (optional but adds a nice flavour)

Mix all the ingredients together and store in a glass jar (use as needed).

How to start the YL biz (USA)

How to share & make an income from home

Young Living has an incredibly generous compensation plan, and it allows anyone to earn a little extra (or a lot extra) cash in multiple ways!

Wanna just share casually? Everyone has their own Share YL link - which is like an affiliate link! You send it to a friend, they shop with you, and you earn 25% commission minimum. 
Want to build a business? There are other bonuses and streams of income as you help others learn about Young Living products and create a community.

Business essentials kit

Every single person that becomes a customer with Young Living has the option to share, via a referral link. When you share that referral link, you can get paid!
The first step is to grab a Business Essential Kit (Item #: 35191) - it is $29.95 and put together specifically to walk you through the basics of this business!

If you are a current customer - grab your Business Essentials Kit and you’re good to go! If you are brand new (YAY!) - make sure to grab your friend’s referral link so you can be connected to our Essentially Wild Tribe community.

Find your referral link

Now, grab your referral link! Log into your account at Young Living, and click Share YL. Copy that custom link and keep it safe in your phone for easy access.

As people order through your referral link, you'll get paid! The best way to help people get started is with one of our Starter Bundles, which gives you $50 commission each! The Starter Bundles are the most bang for anyone's buck and highly discounted so new customers can try a lot of different products at a great price.
Hot Tip: Set up Direct Deposit so your money goes right into your bank on payday!
(Virtual Office / My Account / My Profile)

How do you share?

It’s that simple. Share your link, get paid.
And, if you have a friend who just wants some products, or to create their own custom order - that is cool too! You’ll earn and additional 25% commission as well.

Starter Bundles

These are the best ways to get started with Young Living, all in a perfectly bundled package! These will earn you a $50 bonus!
There is something for everyone. You can create a link directly to one of these bundles, or add additional products with a Wishlist Link.

Loyalty Rewards

All the deets ✌🏻

Loyalty Rewards (essential rewards) is flexible - you can change the products you want every single month, with no minimum order. Need it sooner? Easy. Need to move it later? No biggie. You'll love being able to customise exactly what comes to you each month based on your family’s priorities & needs.

The best part, though? You will earn Loyalty Rewards of 10-25% back to spend like store credit on whatever you want, when your order is 50pv or more.

Easy peasy once you start switching out all your personal care and cleaning products to the low-tox YL version! You’ll be getting rewarded for keeping your family healthy - AMAZING.

It's the best way to get clean, safe, and effective essential-oil infused products into your home, at the best value possible!

How to get going: hop over to, log in, start shopping, and click Create Loyalty Order for each item you want to add! You can manage your box from the Loyalty Order (monthly order) section in your account anytime.

Keeping your home stocked with your favorite products has never been easier!

Get shopping now!