Hi Friend.

I’m Jessica!

Im a Wife, Mama of two, and a Licensed Professional Therapist who works with couples and also Mamas in their motherhood-life challenges.

I started my wellness journey when I started looking for ways to overcome my Son’s newborn eczema. I remembering feeling so lost and also defeated lost on how to bring relief and comfort to him without the use of harsh steroids and other intense topicals because they seemed the be the only thing that worked and deep down I knew there had to be an alternative out there.

I dug into research to find a different way. I started to learn about toxins around us and how they influenced so many parts of our wellbeing and bodily functioning. I was shocked that I had been using so many harmful products in my home and life for so long. I had suffered from 3 miscarriages and started to wonder how toxin exposure could have been a factor.

I wanted to make a change for all of us and our future. The journey started off as a search for a natural remedy for my son’s eczema and became a gift of healing for him and our family’s overall wellness.

Becoming Young Living member allowed access to a resourceful and knowledgeable community that answered so many of my questions. It made it so easy to make our home toxin free, safe and more manageable. We took baby steps and slowly ditched the toxic products throughout our precious home.

Now we have our trusted bottles of oils and products everywhere in our home, our bedrooms, bathrooms, playroom, laundry room— they’re everywhere we go.

Immune support. Sleep support. Emotional support. Hormone support. Skin support. You name it, Sister. There are so many reasons why they can change you and your family’s overall wellness. It’s seriously amazing we I look back now.

Join us in wellness and you won’t be alone. I’m here to teach you all I’ve learned and share a community that will support your journey along the way. We can’t wait to welcome you friend.