DoTERRA Wellness Advocate

My name is Cigi and I am the face behind Essential Oil Mumma with Cigi. I am a mum to 2 kids, and a husband. I currently work full-time for an adviser’s officer where I am the Client Care Manager. I started with Essential Oils many years ago. I would always have essentials oils around. But NEVER was consistent with them.

Until I started my pregnancy journey. As you may have seen me post, my journey wasn’t easy, and it was very bumpy! I was POKED, PRODDED and USED as a guinea pig. Specialists had no idea, nor did IVF specialists.

That’s when alternative medicines and treatments were suggested prior to IVF (we were prepping for IVF with the million paper you need and counselling etc). There were multiple surgeries some quick some 6+ hours where I was co-ordinating 2 or 3 different doctors to get to the 1 hospital.

That’s when I had enough – I didn’t want to inject any more hormones, and chemicals into my system. I didn’t want to do anymore treatments – I wanted something more natural. Here I turn to Essential Oils. Lots of research and reading, and I find the oils that help with

• Hormones
• Fertility
• Healing
This is where I become constant with my oils. Whether it was rubbing the oils on to my tummy, diffusing or just inhaling when I needed them. It opened my eyes on how AMAZING oils can be.

So, last year I took the plunge and started with doTERRA, and I really didn’t take my business seriously! I was full of EXCUSES.
• I am too busy
• I don’t want this
• I don’t want that
• I can’t do this etc.
I got too comfy in my way of life. A way of life that had be working extremely long hours and missing out on my family. Missing out on my kids growing up and turning in to gorgeous tiny humans that they are. These questions started swirling around:

1. Is this what I want from life?
2. Is this how I want to live?
3. Do I want to make a change?
4. Do you want financial freedom?
5. Want to change the way you live?
If you answered “No” to one or all of the questions above, then continue reading.

At this point I started taking my business serious but also my way of living and what really gets me going! I started converting my home from all the CHEMICALS to NON-TOXIC living. Swapping out chemicals from the Kitchen, Bathroom to ESSENTIAL OILs. I found my passion!

Example: Cleaning Toilets
I would use DOMESTOS to clean the shower and toilets. Everyone knows the HARSH chemicals that are in that.
I know use the TOILET BOMB
• Sodium Bicarbonate
• Citric Acid
• Carrier oil
SHOWER I user:
• Citric Acid
• Sodium Bicarbonate
• Essential Oil

I WANT to help mums; families live a BETTER LIFE! I want to help YOU change the way of life – swapping out chemicals in your home for more NATURAL and NON-TOXIC living! I want mums, ladies, on my team that have the same passions, and that have the drive to go for their dream.

I WANT to coach, and mentor you to become the better version of you and provide you with tools that you can use in your HOMES with FAMILY, FRIENDS and also your Team.

I WANT to build a FAMILY not just a team – because that is what doTERRA is – FAMILY!