I strive to make sure every one of my days is someone else's DAY ONE

My name is Noel Meenaghan, I am a family man and we have been using doTERRA Essential Oils for three years for self care and making natural wellness products.

I am passionate about mood management, mental health & well being and fitness of body and mind. Both myself and my family really appreciate how doTERRA essential oils have helped use deal with life event and mindset issues that arise through our daily life. We are passionate about essential oils and want to make these Certified Pure Tested Grade® essential oils accessible to everyone.

These precious oils from the nature have made a huge impact on our lives and we just want to share our experience of these oils and how they have helped us through the worst pandemic of modern times. We have replaced so much of our toxic load through doTERRA products and love that we are contributing to providing a brighter, cleaner future for our son and future generations while reducing our household, self & personal care costs.

You have probably landed on this page because, like me three years ago, you are looking for a solution. Life for me is still as hectic and fast paced as before, probably even more so due to our continued success, but I am now able to approach the same not so good, what life throws at you, days with more clarity of mind, a mind that is rested through better quality and depth of sleep, this has allowed me to focus on the important things in life, to prioritise, to invest in my mental health and well being and my passion for sharing allows me the opportunity to helps others each and every day.

I am a man who wants to make a difference, I have finally put a value on myself and my health and that to me is an invaluable exercise. I am unadulterated like the oils from doTERRA, I know my worth and I invest in my worth in equal value. I coach myself and others strength of body and mind, determination and discipline of habit.

My dream is no longer a destination, I live it, having a positive impact and the adore the ripple effect of that impact.

It really is ONE DAY OR DAY ONE and I strive to make sure every one of my days is someone else's DAY ONE, you got to this part of this message for a reason, allow me to be part of your DAY ONE,

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