this is me

self-care passionate | facing into the wind | raising a band of brothers solo | living my dream of rising by lifting others

I am Joanie, a mom of six boys. Yes, six. In the words of Lou Gehrig, I feel myself to be the luckiest girl. Though the road has not been an easy one.
I’m raising the boys alone.
Through a series of painful events and poor choices, my husband was incarcerated four and a half years ago.
Our youngest son was six months old when he was sent to prison.
My mother died of cancer shortly before this all occurred. She was my best friend and taught me to be a woman of grace and dignity.
It’s been a journey I could never have prepared for, since I could never have believed our lives would take this turn.
But it has been my faith and the love of a few (I was surprised at how few!) very faithful friends that has given me the strength to keep on keeping on.
We hold close together as a family and every day I thank God for blessing me with motherhood. I couldn’t be prouder of the boys and how they have weathered this storm.
They are the joy of my life and my “why” for pursuing a career that has blessed us beyond measure.
Young Living came into my life after months of praying and feeling, “There must be a better way.” And there was. And I’m now quite sure it was God’s answer to my prayer.
Thank you for joining me on this journey.
Reach out to me if ever you have questions about oils, life, or just want to chat!
I would love to walk alongside you and to share more with you 💕
“We rise by lifting others” 🙌🏻💗✨