My story

Hey you, thanks for coming to read my story. My name is Charlotte and I’m a wife, mum of two and gin lover!

My FM journey started back in November 2019. I came across Milly’s profile (my upline) on Instagram and immediately signed up as business partner because it was completely free. I ordered some treats for myself and my husband and a few weeks later bought some Christmas gifts for my friends and family. I was chuffed with my amazing (and cheap!) new perfumes but I didn’t really have much interest in taking the business any further.

Fast forward to May 2020, we are in the midst of a global pandemic and I cannot leave my house to go to work, see my friends or family, entertain my kids or even do the weekly food shop. I found each day getting harder and harder and my mood getting lower and lower.

I had a ‘make or break’ moment I guess and decided to throw myself into FM. Was I worried what people would think? Sure. Did I need to? Er, no!! I had an overwhelming amount of support from my friends and family, who shared with their friends and family, and before I knew it I had complete strangers approaching me to purchase products. In June I placed just over £1000 worth of customer orders and hit the second level of promotion. Just a few days into a new month and I have already maintained that second level promotion and I am super excited to meet some motivated people and help them grow their business!

If you’re interested in knowing more about the FM products or the business opportunity, send me a message and we can arrange a time to chat.