My Mission


Growing up I was always fascinated with all things beautiful. I loved watching my older sisters put on their makeup and study my Mom’s Avon magazines. In high school I took Cosmetology, received my degree and became licensed.

At a young age I become a Mom and found the beauty industry financially unstable. I began work in the corporate world, while still pursuing my dream part time.

I am a Mother of two beautiful daughters who are diagnosed with Auditory Neuropathy Deafness I found it difficult to combine my passions in the corporate and professional world. In the office I wasn’t able to express myself with my skills and talents and in the salon, I wasn’t able to provide enough quality time with my girls.

I became depressed and found comfort in solidarity. I began educating myself on the importance of self love and mental health. Finding new happiness became a priority. This too became a passion of mine.

As the girls became older I decided to go back into school and get my degree in Esthetics. My world has changed ever since. I appreciated my new found happiness. I was grateful to seek comfort in my own body and I knew that I needed to share this new found love with the world.

My daughters have always looked up to me and have been my motivation to succeed in life. They have been so through so much medically and emotionally that I owe them the world. You see, children with deafness are not provided the same opportunities as “normal” hearing children and have an low rate in becoming successful working adults. My youngest has had to change school three times because of financial and/ or “spacial issues”. They are not seen as an equal and/ or priority and since they are mine I need to advocate for them and provide for them the ear and voice they need to be heard.

I am here not only to provide outstanding professionalism through my passion through Esthetics but to build you up as a fellow Mother and woman. To create an atmosphere where you feel comfortable and inspired after each service. Lastly, to educated you and create awareness on the matters of deafness and create “normalcy” in a world my daughters were born to stand out in.

I emplore you to love the skin you’re in and be the queen that you know you are. Stay beautiful. ✨