The Journey.

I will love you until the stars go out, and the tides no longer return.

today is another beautiful day of us. even though today is not 15 of the month but today we reach 200 days together! ❤ i'm so grateful for what we have right now. i'm deeply apologize for everything i've done to you. day goes by, our relationship getting tougher.

i won't give up for our relationship cause i know we will be together for a long time. i'm sorry i keep being an annoying girlfriend for you. i made a lot of mistakes that might hurt you, i'm so sorry baby.. i hope you will always stay beside me for anything happen to us

thankyou very much cause you are the best boyfriend ever, i won't nobody else except you. sometime i want be greedy, i won't share what's mine. but it makes you not free i guess? like i won't you to do this and that. my jealousyㅡ thankyou for always beside me even on my worst day. thankyou for everything babe 😢

i'm bad at making words but i hope you know how much i love you, how much i need you and how much you mean to me baby. let's stay together and countinue our happy journey. 🌷✨

baby, you make me feel beautiful, love protected, and taken care of. you make me a better person, and i don't want ever live my life without you by my side. thankyou for being mine, i love you the most 💛

The Fairytale.

Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairytale.

let's start this day with a beautiful things. being your girlfriend on 15th april then today already 214 days with youㅡ not that short but we still have long time to spend with, right? i hope you won't get bored to see this kind of thing every 15 each month. i never give something special to you 🥺

all i wanna do here is to tell you how much i love everyday even my act can't show it, my words never enough to tell but believe me, my feelings already live for you. 214 days, 7 months. i'm really amazed with us. we still together even though we have many fights but like you can say we know how to make up. i adore us, i love us..

happiness always surroundings us, also sadness and anger or sometime jealousy for me but those things make our relationship stronger. there's nothing much i can say because we already know how much we love each other and we don't have to doubt that

let me give you a tmi for our 7th mensive hehe do you know baby when i miss you after you sleep, i love to sleep while holding my own hands. i pretend it's yours and make me feel much better. sometime before i pray to sleep, i keep saying your name "aa esa aa esa aa esa aa esa" for many times until i fall asleep. recall our good memories together until i meet you in my dream hehe also sometime, without i realize my tears run down on my face when i feel really grateful and happy having you in my life 💛

baby thankyou for everything you do to me and for all your sacrifice for our relationship. i'm sorry if i still do bad things to you, making you cry and hurting you. i'm deeply sorry babe 😢 you're my amazing person and i won't hurt you anymore. i try to not hurt you anymore. i really love you and it hurts when someone make my love of my life hurt. i won't let anybody else hurt you ☹️

baby, let's be happy together and with our baby ofcourse ❤ i'm sorry i can only make this little thing for our new diary huhu. happy 7th month together babe. it's feel so different because someone complete me, noya and you. you and noya would be my hapiness pill. you guys are so precious in my life, i will taking care of you two with all love and heart. i love you more than i really do 🌹

Now and forever.

In you, I found the love of my life. .

hi, lee know oppa. bukan cuma lee know oppa tapi mahesa keenandra. 487 hari bukan waktu yang sebentar memang tapi kenapa waktu berlalu sangat cepat sampai aku mempertanyakan apakah waktu kita akan bertambah atau berkurang sebenarnya. kamu selalu bilang untuk memikirkan saat ini aja tapi bagaimana aku bisa jika suatu saat aku harus kehilangan kamu. .

aku, kamu, kita, dunia ini tidak nyata tapi entah kenapa semua terlalu nyata buat aku. dari hari pertama kita bertemu hingga saat ini sudah banyak yang kita lalui, aku selalu bilang kalau kita sebenarnya tumbuh bersama. semakin lama aku semakin takut kehilangan sosok mahesa dihidupku bagaimanapun dia selalu ada buatku. selalu. apa aku akan kehilangan sosok yang aku sayang. . lagi. .

kamu tau aku sekarang aku dingin tapi merindukan kehangatan kita lebih dari yang kamu tau tapi kamu tau alasannya, aku minta maaf. mahesa, sampai detik ini rasa sayangku tidak pernah berkurang. bosan? tidak. aku ingin terus bersama kamu. kalau bisa, aku ingin menghentikan waktu. agar aku tidak kehilanganmu, kehilangan orang yang dicintai dibalik sosok jeslyn. setiap hari, jeslyn dan mahesa, sampai tiba saatnya akan menjadi orang asing. entah kenapa kata "kita" sangat berarti buatku. ya, kita. aku, kamu.

selama 16bulan kamu selalu menjadi sumber penyemangatku, seseorang yang selalu ada untuk ku. seseorang yang aku percaya, orang yang selalu menenangkanku. kebahagianku, tangisku juga. orang yang membuat dada begitu sakit ketika aku mengucapkan "i love you" karena sedalam itu rasaku buat kamu

maaf selama ini aku terlalu egois dengan perasaanku sendiri yang selalu ingin dimengerti tanpa pernah mengerti. maaf aku belum bisa menjadi seseorang yang kamu harapkan, apapun yang pernah aku lakukan, aku minta maaf. mungkin ratusan kali aku menyakitimu, aku minta maaf. . terimakasih banyak untuk 487 hari yang kamu habiskan bersama ku, setiap harinya sangat bermakna untuk ku. kamu tahu aku sangat mencintai kamu mahesa. jadi aku mohon, tolong tetap disisiku. aku membutuhkan mu. .