Ethereal Co

About Our Shop

We are a small business run by two high schoolers in the Northern VA area! Ethereal Bracelets Co was created in July 2020.

50% of our sales are donated to a charity each month. We have donated to UNICEF, the Black Lives Matter Fund, and Make-A-Wish.

We sell handmade bracelets, and we are always constantly looking for new designs, patterns, and color variations/combos. You can order one of our existing bracelets or a custom bracelet. Choose the colors and pattern to make it to your liking.

Help support us by buying a bracelet, following us on Instagram, or subscribing to our YouTube Channel!

Have any questions? DM us on Instagram ( or email us ([email protected])

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Ethereal Co

Our YouTube Channel

We just started a YouTube Channel!! We posted a test video, check it out on our YouTube.

Starting in 2021, we are hoping to bring VLOGS to our YouTube channel!! We are planning to do “Day in the Life of a Small Business Owner: A Series” and many more exciting things!

Comment on our most recent upload what kind of video content you would like to see!

Click the link below to be redirected to our YouTube Channel ↓

Ethereal Co

About the Co-Founders

Who are the people behind the business?

Seoyun (Rosie) Paek

Rosie Paek is the co-founder of Ethereal Co. “I wanted to start this business because running a business is a good experience to have. Miya and I both love making bracelets, and I love handwriting each thank you note and hand-making everything! I am learning so much about the business industry, and I am so glad Miya and I took this opportunity.”

Miya Weintraub

Miya Weintraub is the co-founder of Ethereal Co. “I thought starting our own business would be a fun thing to do especially now with all our free time. It is also a great opportunity to learn skills such as finance, management, division of labor, communication and leadership even if it is just the two of us.”

Ethereal Co

About Our Ambassadors

We have two amazing brand ambassadors who help us reach out to new audiences!!

Ally Jimenez

Ally Jimenez (age 15) likes to travel, cook, and play with her puppy. Ally’s favorite bracelet from our shop is the Cape Cod Lighthouse bracelet!!

Mia Martin

Mia Martin (age 16) loves to bake, run, and do volunteer work! Mia’s favorite bracelet from our shop is Midnight Coral!!