about me & answering common asked questions!

this is etsaep official website, it is for commonly asked things like help with ae etc.. it will all be here!

i hope you like it<3

after effects tips!

— here are some tips i personally recommend for ae!

download flow graphs
— they make my edits smoother than the normal ae graphs

download the sapphire plugin
— more transitions, effects and easier for themes etc

make sure you don’t use your graphs backwards
— sometimes you need to but mostly you shouldn’t

join a lot of giveaways
— they can give out shakes etc which are helpful, even though you may not notice

watch yt tuts for help
— if they don’t work tiktok is helpful otherwise i can help

don’t give up
— after effects is a complicated program to learn, it can take months that doesn’t mean you give up, the hard work pays off

just keep it all simple
— over complicating things will make it harder for you

editing preferences

i personally like to edit my comfort shows because it makes me feel happy and safe<3

i also like to edit popular tiktokers who i find fun to edit like charli,nai,addi,loren etc..

shortcuts for ae!

here are some shortcuts!
— i use mac so your keys might be different

i and o
— pressing ‘i’ puts you at the front part of your clip and pressing ‘o’ puts you at the end of your clip! so when making a transition they are helpful

caps lock
— makes your edit render faster

control c,v,d
— control c: when using control c it is basically copying whatever your clicking! control v/d: is pasting whatever you copied!