About me

Hello friend, welcome here!

My name is Sydney. I’m a 3rd generation Japanese American 🗾. I was born in Northern California, but raised in Southern California. I’m 30 years old and currently living in LA with my husband and our pup, Boba. I have a younger brother, a sister that I gained in the marriage, and 9 cousins that are like siblings to me.

I fervently believe that listening to others and lifting others will make the world a better place and that laughter is the best medicine. ♥️

I’m passionate about finding ways to reuse things in my home and finding little projects to do like up cycling cardboard boxes, etc. I love turning all my young living products into low tox cleaning products, recipes, DIYs, etc.

I graduated in December 2019 with my Masters, passed my board exam in December of 2020, and I’ve been working for the same behavior analysis company for 5 years.

A few fun facts about me:
• I’m 5’0, but I played basketball for 15 years and coached for 3.
• I drive a stick shift car partly because it makes me feel faster than I actually am 😂
• I planned my wedding in exactly 4 months with no wedding planner.

I’d love to hear more about you!

Come join my oily family ♥️

How to get started:

1. Click on the link in my bio (or the link below)

2. Click “join my oily family!”

3. It’ll take you to the YL website (you want to use this link only to assure you’re joining my oily family).
— If it doesn’t work, you are always welcome to message me ☺️

4. Click “get started”

5. Pick the bundle/diffuser you want

6. Then it will ask about essential rewards. Make sure you click “yes” and “yes” again.
— If you choose you don’t want to do the monthly thing, I can always show you how to cancel it, but you will get 10 free points that you can spend on any YL product before cancelling so I HIGHLY suggest doing it. I promise you won’t regret it!

7. Click on “customize your kit.”
— It’ll take you to the YL product page and you can literally add ANYTHING in there. Here are some things I suggest:
• thieves household cleaner
• thieves laundry detergent
• thieves dish soap
• cedarwood (hair growth, sleep support)
• grapefruit (happy vibes)
• lime (uplifting/refreshing)
• orange (sleep support, teeth whitening)
• Christmas spirit
• cirtronella (bug repellent)
• envision (focus)
• purification (cleaning, plant magic)
• eucalyptus radiata (clearing, shower spa)

8. Click “save monthly order.”
— This will save for NEXT month. You will not be charged for this until next month and can always cancel before. Just let me know and I’ll show you! ☺️

9. Go down to “continue enrollment” then click “next” and complete checkout
— Be sure to write down the password and pin somewhere you will remember.

10. Be on the lookout for a welcome email and welcome package from me and get excited for your low tox journey to begin!

*Don’t be afraid to as ALL the questions 😍