Eugene ODEDE


ADMISSION :AID/00045/020
my name is Eugene ODEDE , I'm currently 20 years of age and was born in Bondo,kisumu but currently reside in Bungoma ...I've been living in Bungoma since i was 5 and it has truly been an amazing experience since I had the opportunity to live amongst people who have two different cultures but are almost similar

At the age of five I started my education journey in a Private mission school named Mother Kevin primary school which is in Bungoma county i studied in mother Kevin all the way from kindergarten to the 8th grade while there i undertook certain responsibilities that helped build me to the person i am today,i was taught on how to behave and how to treat others,and my spiritual foundation was basically built while i was there,since it's a mission school they were very strict on matters on spirituality and this helped me a lot,my social Life i can also say was strongly developed during my stay there,i have a lot to be greatfull for,and much appreciation goes to both my teachers and teachers basically acted as mentors and helped me in places where my parents could not.

For my highschool education i was privileged to attend one of the top schools in Kenya. Friends school kamusinga was my dream school ever since i started considering schools to attend for my highschool education,and although i passed my KCPE examination it was still an honor attending that prestigious school. while i spent my time there i was taught on how to behave like a refined man and how to basically be a gentleman and stand out from the crowd... Discipline was one of the core values in the school and this definitely rubbed off on me i have great and amazing memories there and i Even had an opportunity to be a student leader and they taught me what Great leadership is all about...
while in the school,my artistic talents were greatly natured and i even took art classes and eventually art as a subject and studied for the four years i was there. I eventually did my KCSE Examination and passed this was in 2019 November.

when the pandemic hit we ended spending more time at home and didn't join campus immediately but after a year...this was November 2020...i joined Maseno University to continue with my passion for art and chose to major in interior design as a course..... I'm currently a second year student and the time I've spent in campus has seen me learn a lot of things,know people and experience different cultures....i look forward to learning more