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Coming Up…

For next time I ask myself “What should I Eat Today?”

Currently going to debunk or support places that are “Over-Hyped”! Given this, many of my followers recommendations for these places will be living on this list 👀 Message me for more recs as always (for both regular recs and hype-train locations you want me to check out!)

- This list and the spots listed will be updated as I go so remember to check back occasionally!

  1. • Blue Bottle Cafe

    • Blue Bottle Cafe

    I got to try Blue Bottle Cafe on a cold Chicago day when I had to do work. While I understand the appeal of the coffee especially for the millennial crowd, I would say aside from the aesthetics, it is a bit lacking in terms of coziness and specialty. It’s expensive coffee. We get it. But the furniture inside was stiff, there wasn’t enough space to comfortably work and the coffee was dark, but a type of coffee I could fund somewhere else. Overall would give it a 6.5/10.

Places I’ve Been


November has been a whirlwind and I can’t believe it went by so fast! I wasn’t able to try out as many restaurants as I would have liked but got to try some key places recommended to me by the people around me!


1 month RSVP leads to this… and the experience was magical!

Au Cheval

A top pick burger place in Chicago, I got to FINALLY go try it out after the hype! Check out my link for more pictures and deets!

Ahjooma’s Apron

Top pick for Korean Bossam in Chicago’s Chinatown Area! I highly recommend a try out :) (Didn’t get to post about this on my insta but lmk if you’d like that!)